Poetry Influenced by Bob Dylan & Tom Waits from Clive Gresswell


influenced by Tom Waits

In the switchblade of the night
The freezing jewel of barracuda delight
The tempting fate of failing light
The falling rhythm of dismay from this train
Of thought to obey the trunk is hidden in the back of time
The amulet is prised in line
The liberation a dance of swans
Some with beacon some with songs
A marching army of choruses
Bitter winds of self regret
From sands of time the tidal wave
The room of being the bloody knave
The haunting of the bloody cave
From which the nazi hunter gave
The Jew his freedom’s only grave
Atonement splendid in the light of days. 
(c) Geoffrey Wren


a tribute to Bob Dylan

over the land as time will tell
diminishing returns from all that is well
the flashing of lights, the ringing of bells
divisions of labour straight from the heart
the arrow that flies the snake in the grass
retelling stories from bibles and hymns
the mystical beating of mystical wings
sojourns fleetfoot with kith and with kin
feelings fleeing the prisons within
new wealth resisting new beginnings
startling from the heartening of the journeys within
the frozen moon, the idle wind encapsulating
the blissful scenes captured by the seeds of sin
& gathering storm’s senses to lock summer’s spring.



A Poetry Showcase from Victoria Leigh Bennett

From Pixabay

You’re Having Your Time of the Year, I Guess

(A Halloween Poem for an Ex) 10/6/2021

You valued me, you say, for my raven-winged remarks,
Which yet flew into the face of humor as funnier still;
And I, misunderstood to be a satirist all the time,
Instead of only now and again,
Spewed out toads and toadstools and all,
Just to keep you in a happy mood.

A bubbling witches’ brew of concocted relationships,
Of silly warts on a hedgehog’s nose,
I delved deep into the territories
Of the walking dead? No, but walking wounded,
Looking for your key,
That might fit the tune your soul was bound to screech in,
If only I could get it to sing.

Oh, you howled all right, and all night,
But never my secret name,
For how could you know what I had confided so openly,
When you were bound and determined
To find it hidden in the stump of a rotten tree,
Like a rotten tooth in a cankered mouth,
That it had to be something befouled and hidden?

You looked right through me, as if I had been a mirror,
And you casting a spell with your reflections,
Your recollections none of my business,
Not even if I were to save you from all this.
But why? You loved it, you’re a creature of darkness
By inclination, not out of an evil soul,
But from wanting so much to be
Thought fancy with fancy notions,
Carping about the cost of having naïve people around
Hurting everyone else by expecting the world to bubble rainbows.

You want me to hate things too, and I can’t do it,
So we come to the parting at the crossroads,
Where you make your deal with Ol’ Scratch,
And I, finally I, get to sit back and laugh
At one of the world’s biggest fools around.
No, my dear, the rain forest doesn’t make me happy
That there’s less of it every year,
And I don’t like it that there are refugee camps,
And I resent bad government and crowds of idiots
Who spread contagion because they’re too selfish
To be concerned.. But these aren’t the things that plague you,
You’re unhappy by trade.
I’m unhappy by conviction when I am,
And there’s the difference.
Have a happy Halloween!

The Intensest Fever of Sorrow Sings Golden to the Ocean

It is hard to decide if this day, this moment 
Is the beginning of sorrow 
Or only its latest turn, 
It seems so to have been harbored unspoken 
And hidden in the breast, 
Like a lump in the throat 
That comes on gradually into awareness, 
A fever that never really was real 
Until the moment when you elected 
To think, “Yes, I think I feel a cold coming on,” 
And then you are sick. 
And you take to your bed, 
And weather it through, 
And wonder if you had stayed up, 
And had not said “hello, old friend” 
To the pesky virus 
If it might not have left you alone this time. 

But sorrow comes, like a bell, like a ball,
Ringing in angry peals that roll
Down town streets with intensest toll,
Why so suddenly there, and loud and insistent
That previously was mute and lost, now golden and singing?
Deep in the archipelagos of your mind
Winding through the islands,
Taking its time,
Going on the bright stream of painful waters,
The current that hidden, winds and propels
Your deepest thoughts forward, toward
The piloting ocean where they can be seen,
Sensed, for what they are,
A poisoned trafficking
From the winding-through sands
Of round, dotted headlands
Where mercy has no hand.

A Modern Bean Sidhe (Banshee’s Call)

Wander now, friend, near my hearthside, 
That no hearthside truly is, 
Hurt it is, and song-repelling, 
Sad and lonely, botched and slow. 

Would it be, if there were fire there 
Better for us, warmer tuned? 
With the crackling, leaping flamings 
There for us to eye, be joy’d?

“Hearthside” is the word, acknowledged, 
Many have no such a thing, 
But we all can feel the comfort 
From the notion, any clime. 

Even in warm South Pacific, 
At the evening, fires are lit, 
And the people linger thereby, 
Eyes bright with the jumping lights.

So I say, as poet-host here,
I can offer only grief,
If you find a sorrow hearthsome,
I can give you that, at least.

Injured, upstaged by my pain, then
I can tell a sorry tale
That might make you feel more pensive,
And, though even so, be glad.

Glad we are, sometimes in grieving,
Meditations’ mournful stances
‘Round the selfsame burning brandings
Find their places, trouble’s reach.

I have no quirky, frightening tales,
No monsters, ghosts, or shadows here,
Except the mind’s own fateful chasms,
Where to fall is just expected.

Nor loves are here, nor lovers’ pinings.
All of that has been expunged quite
By the starker ice’s gleamings
That, resulting, follows next,
A sheer winter to fall’s frost.

For you know that once you’ve passed thus
All the soulful long suspirings,
All that’s left is the sheer essence
Of the suffering, fleshless bone.

So, wander close, faint traveller,
Neat and near come to my hearthside,
In the end of day’s cold gleaming,
Let me chill and sap your strength.

Limning a Line

I had not the right tools for my longing
No pen or fine lead would have completed me
The boundless was all around
What good would a stick oar have been?
And I can’t swim, I said
To myself, or no, really to no one.
But that wasn’t true for most waters,
Just this, this big thing,
This insurmountable swell of blue nothing-much
All around me.
How would I paint it, what thin-haired brush
Would have accommodated my need to draw it out?
For drawing a blue surge of longing
Would be drawing it out.
In waves drifting into more blue,
I floated now, a balloon lost in space or
A bark lost in translation
Dragged away in the undertow
For lack of a means of expression,
Equal to feeling the ocean
But not to escaping the rip tide.

*Author’s note: Limning a Line was inspired by a picture from Oormila Vijayakrishnan Pralad on social media.

Bio: Victoria Leigh Bennett, (she/her).  Greater Boston, MA area, born WV.  Ph.D., English & Theater.  Website: creative-shadows.com.  In-Print; “”Poems from the Northeast,” 2021, @olympiapub.  Out-of-Print but on website: “Scenes de la Vie Americaine (en Paris),” 2022, @thealienbuddha.  Between Aug. 2021-Sept. 2022, Victoria will have been published at least 23 times in:  Roi Faineant Literary Press, Fevers of the Mind Poetry & Art, Barzakh Magazine, The Alien Buddha Press, Amphora Magazine, The Madrigal Press, Discretionary Love, Winning Writers (requested for 2 newsletters), Cult of Clio.  Victoria writes Fiction/Flash/CNF/Poetry.  She is the organizer behind the poets’ collective @PoetsonThursday on Twitter along with Alex Guenther & Dave Garbutt.  Twitter: @vicklbennett.  Victoria is emotionally and ocularly disabled.

Poems inspired by Pablo Neruda by Jackie Chou

Love Song of the Unloving

I know you love me, you say.
How are you so sure, I wonder.
I suppose I do, 
as I love nothing else.

I don't love to write,
don't love bird songs,
the shards of sunlight
that spill through the blinds
all day.

So it could be true,
that I love you,
relatively speaking,
that compared to a dandelion,
a sparrow, a tree,
I like you a little more.

This small preference, 
for the sight, the sound, 
the scent of you,
accumulates daily, nightly,
hourly, monthly, yearly,
like drops of honey
add up to syrupy love,
which one tastes in one’s heart.

Ah, love,
you are sweeter than stardust,
shinier than dew.


Let me know if you still love me,
like I do you.

If you do I shall take liberty
to revisit our abandoned past,
continue our story where we left off.
I shall reserve an entire page
to store your ever-burning smile.

However, if you no longer love me,
also let me know.

I shall respectfully remove you 
from my heart, my dreams,
like a picture in a frame.
I shall discard memories of us
like long expired roses
inside a vase.

I shall not flip back the pages,
but will write a brand new story
without you in it,
but a different hero.

I'm Not a Fair Weather Friend

I love you 
not only when you're smiling
the sun kissing your dimpled cheeks 
but when sorrow depresses your lips
and the moon clouds your countenance
I love you in gold and silk
but won't think less of you
if there are holes in your shirt 
For it is not in sweetness
but in the salts of everyday life
that I'm here for you

Bio Note: I write free verses, rhyming poems, and Japanese short form poetry, some of which saw the light of day in journals like Alien Buddha Zine, Spillwords, and Cajun Mutt Press, Fevers of the Mind Press. I am also a Jeopardy fan.

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Poetry inspired by Nick Cave from hjarta

From hjarta (on Instagram) name means ‘heart in Icelandic’

Into Your Arms

Home and space
A moment for my head to clear at last
We’re moving together
Hearts beating fast
Sounds of love spinning in sweet circles of sensuality.

You say we are serendipity personified
Spinning skywards,
I know I’m falling but too scared to say
I want to play you a song to tell you how I feel 
You say.

But my head is playing a song already
Into my arms, Oh Lord
Into my arms, Oh Lord
Into my arms, Oh Lord
Into my arms.
I’m heading down that glorious downwards spiral, 
And yet upwards, out of control
An out of body experience that hasn’t been present for oh so long, 
My head keeps playing that same sweet song.

Our clear cool river
We’re drowning in our own space and time
With lightness of touch
On sensitive skin
Collective warmth…our closeness
Together we merge as one

We’re orbiting in our glorious galaxy
Dancing to our own collective symphony
We move to the music
That plays in our heads
Sensual sounds with rhythm and flow
Orbiting virtual worlds below

We lay at peace, 
Our place of sanctuary 
And notes that reverberate again in my head
Into my arms
Oh Lord
Into my arms
Oh Lord – into my arms.