3 poems from Ulane Vuorio from Fevers of the Mind Issue 2 “Choices” “Darkness” “Does Anybody See”

lit candle in hand
photo by Eyasu Etsub from Unsplash.com


you chose him
but he did not choose
all of you
he slapped the girl
from your past
godmother's magic
made her sofa
a happy place
for the girl
not wanted
talking the tears
and hiding her hurt
but she came back
others judgment
made her say
that we all
big happy family
girl wanted to stay
but girls
are not asked
and they do not
get to ask why
why did you not
choose me
I was only


In your darkness
you crave me
because of my light

and in your loneliness
you hate me
because of my light

in your greediness
you want it all
all my light

not to shine
just to have it
alone in your darkness

Does Anybody See

my head is full of words
your words of anger
that break me

into million pieces
slowly down

I am nowhere
lonely silence

I take the pieces
and put together
a new me

leave the pieces
that were yours
lying there

this new me
so fragile
and transparent

does anybody see
this new me
does anybody see

Ulane Vuorio is a poetess and amateur photographer who finds inspiration spending time outdoors in her beautiful homeland of Finland. Her passion is nature and macro photography, finding beauty in small things that often go unnoticed.  Being a foodie and a lover of cooking and baking also stirs her creativity. Ulane started reading and writing at age five. Books and words are still at the center of her life today. Working as a freelance translator made her pay particular attention to the meaning of words and how to craft better sentences. She enjoys flash fiction and dreams of publishing her own book of poetry & photography. You can find her on twitter at @ulanevuorio 
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