3 more poems by Stephen Allen (stoic poetry) : Edge of Dawn, Hard World & Broken


Edge of Dawn

The velvet tears as night to day 
The darkness fades and gives way
To dawns edge of the coming light
Bidding farewell to the fading night

And in the new we bid adieu 
To the tired and fleeting dark
To greet the new day in its dance
Another days journey to Embark

Hard World

Candy Floss and bubble gum dreams
most of us grew up with, so it seems
No real monsters under our beds
Leaving the nightlight on to be safe instead

Little by little the chinks appear
in the stories we were told for years
little slips show the cracks inside
to break our worlds of candied lies

For too long we were protected
when we needed to be respected
now we are left to our devices
with no training on telling
what nice is


Blood flows freely from a broken heart, 
As dandelions play, as songbirds dance,
Sunny days do nothing to stem the flow,
Across fields of green, among cleansing streams
When there never was a chance,
Blood must flow, the sun must rise,
If ever again to open these eyes,
In fields of green, and cleansing streams 

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Poetry by Stephen Allen (Stoic Poetry) : Lonely Walk & The Veil

Lonely Walk

Cold grey dawn, mist overcoat
comforting as damp muslin gauze 
shrouding the eyes of the detached and departed.

Decrepit footpath, cracked and neglected
as the mothers graves across the field
backs cracked by careless footfalls no doubt.

My own gone these many years now
the Belfast cemetery not far from here
her stone unfound after searching.

Somber Irish mist, where legends and relatives mingle
sometimes seen, but always there,

The Veil

On damp decrepit pathways hobbling 
Life, soul, and world, awash of grayscale

Dark wings in shadows sing
By design the spirit to impale

An artist's palette of black and white
Bright hues in daylight pale

Adrift in oceans of ravens night
Accursed walk beyond the veil

(c)Stoic Poetry/Stephen Allen
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2 poems from Stephen Allen : Sanctuary & Second Chance


The poet rests in his sanctuary
The place of the imagination
Dwelling between emotions
Conceived by aesthetic beauty
Sometime divine and esoteric

That all encompassing longing to
Express, through common language,
That which is so sadly uncommon 
Words that seek to form a bridge 
Between the abstract and inarticulate

(c) Stephen Allen /Stoic Poetry

Second Chance

If I could have another chance, 
I wouldn’t change a single thing.
I’d run like hell and never look back, 
as the world burns to the ground behind me.

And I would swear to change it all, 
but never let them push me to my knees.
I would fight like an animal. 
I wouldn’t do anything differently. 

I wish that part of me believed,
I’m going to come home someday,
but this is my very own escape, 
and is there purpose without meaning?
Was there ever a chance to change anything?

(c) Stephen Allen /Stoic Poetry

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2 Poems by Stephen Allen : ‘Petals of Deceit’ & ‘One Day Further’

Petals of Deceit   

Rose petals pressed dead between hand written pages
Rescued from the final insult, among crumpled words
And this mornings half eaten discarded Danish

From a friend that was once trusted, but never twice
Reminders of the knife twisted in blatant cruelty and greed
Conscience or remorse, mere words scattered about these pages

Acrid scent of decay, fragrance of honour brittle and crumbling
A facade of false beliefs, in ruins, this construct of insanity
The blind leading the fallen, battling over scraps of discarded pastry

And yesterdays fallen trust, where discarded friends are laid bare

One Day Further

How far has this day taken this life?
it seems like only yesterday I...
well I guess it might have been
so much for daily progress

Some days float gracefully
while others crash very hard
thrashing about ungracefully
a blindfolded driver could do better

And though I may seem to complain
I would have it no other way
because I love my life
each and every day

(c) Stephen Allen, Stoic Poetry
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WolfPack Contributor Bio: Stephen Allen

WolfPack Contributor Bio: Stephen Allen

Stephen Allen was born and raised in Northern Ireland before relocating to Canada.
I have lived in the US and currently reside in Austria.

I have a novel and a poetry book self published, as well as several short stories. (Amazon KDP)

I also have a blog on WordPress; Through The cracked Window (revisited)