2 poems by Stephane Guenette “Pipes of the Heartbeat” “11:11”


It was so desired
It has become quite clear
Light from Saturn’s rings
Appear around the equator
I am in the light
I am in the music
The light fills my six senses
I see and hear, feel, smell, touch and think
Notes are particles of light
Glory be to lightning intact
Thousands of lightning balls and concerts
I am the concerts of the ball
To be heard and seen from the highest level
Signs and numbers mark the music of the spheres
These are the commandments
To the sense of the sounds in the mind
What course of life
The beauty of it
That the universe might be perfect
The cause and effect of a creation
Comes into existence
The music chasing the sky
Bright with sunlight’s eternal cycle
A part of the celestial symphony
The pipes work the heartbeats


They took the long dark journey
Back into the void
Escaped the Earth’s black world of decay
The poisoned Earth was forgotten
The sons of freedom in their graves
Inside their children’s hearts
Grew the darkness
The start of all man’s wicked ways
They watched the cities rise up around them
Tower high over empires of greed
Killing sprees on distant worlds
A new apocalypse was born
The blackened sun brought an unending night
The end of all man’s hope and light
Once again they would fight for their freedom
As they headed into the Sun
Golden child of fuel and fire
Turn the key and make me run
Nitrous burning in my mind
No escaping what I’ll find
Watch the tears from the garden flow
Poison rivers into flowers they grow
One machine turning everything
‘Til the emptiness unwinds
Now my world is turning
And it seems I’m synchronized…