The Audrey Hepburn Poetry Challenge

Audrey Hepburn, 60'S Icon, Female Face

Audrey Hepburn Challenge!~

(c) Maggs Vibo Wolfpack Contributor Bio: Maggs Vibo
Some Things a Lady Just Wears Well  
Wolfpack Contributor Bio: Jennifer Patino

I am the Audrey
with the pink chucks at the party
wearing oversized shades at night
Scary thin, decked in
dazzling cubic zirconia,
coming down
from a med withdrawal
after my last psychotic episode
involving a Golden Hollywood
delusion & fear of having cancer

Some Gregory Peckerhead
bums my smokes when he
has a full pack in his pocket,
but my sweet meter is high,
like those fools at the makeshift
blackjack table with pixie stick dust
on their upper lips & caked
between their nasal strips
because their vice supplier
never bothered showing up

It should be Halloween, but it's too warm
& there aren't enough demons
on the dance floor
I let the moochy one lead me there
where there's an awkward
exchange of one liners
His Bogart impersonation is the worst,
but I know i'm falling in love
because impulsivity
is the new 'You Can Heal Your Life'
& dammit, he can really move

We're the clean up crew, sober at dawn
I'm Sabrina sweeping up glass
& scrubbing vomit from the floor
He's singing 'Get Me to the Church on Time'
because it's Sunday
& lapsed Catholicism is a topic
we discussed hours ago
before the kisses, before
the Moon River descent,
before the exchange of names

He's driving me home
in a minivan
His mamma's rosary
hangs on the rearview mirror,
catching the sun
causing disco prisms
& paparazzi bulbs
to sting my face
"Hey babe," he says
stroking his stubbly chin,
"How 'bout Breakfast at Taco Bell?"
It's no Roman Holiday,
but I'll call it a win,
except when we get there
it's not open

(c) Maggs Vibo Wolfpack Contributor Bio: Maggs Vibo

Heartbreak by the Seashore by David L O’Nan

We met and departed by that same seashore house.
When you first looked at me, and laughed
in a shy, yet very conversational.
A slight flirtatious touch to my shoulder
and I was in love,  
the sun reflected blades of energy across
where my heart lit on fire, and my soul dropped to 
the sands for you to pickup, and take ownership.
In your ticklish grin, I could do nothing but be mesmerized
by your eyes.
We'd walk the sands, and one Sunday evening
as the glow of the moon shun on the waters
I said "You look just like a movie star from movies I've yet seen"
She said "Yeah, they say I look a little like Audrey, you know Audrey Hepburn?" In the most charming demure laugh I've ever heard.
I wasn't quite sure until I researched, and there they were
just like her,
and her eyes were dancing back to me.   
just like her,
her voice just swayed me away like a fool,
For some reason I felt if nothing was impossible, is this possible?
For hours and days on end
I could hear her music boxes playing
faeries and ballerinas, music notes in the air for me to grab
Was I living a myth?  
Was she the reincarnation of her, sitting by black and white dollhouses aligned by jasmine?
And the Summer faded, and so did the Fall,
the Winter was as gusty as ever, and Spring had its way with the flowers.  Creating new universes and felt bloodless, and used by the sins, and used by the lies, and abused by the skies.
In the rain, I picked the apples from the trees nearby
While in thought the lakes I would walk by were suddenly velvet
with rose petals stuffed in fairy tales, inside the polyphenols.
I would drink them in if I must, to make this last.
I began to chant her eyes in magical chants, offering gifts to the Gods to bring her my love, and her love to me.
I wait as she has married, I want to just see the eyes again.
Days later her reflection whips its way back to my soul.
A walk down the city sidewalk, and "I say hey,
do you remember me from my Summer getaway?"
She says "Of course, you're the one who didn't know about Audrey"
Suddenly I felt lost, dumb, and obviously not the only shy boy who was in love with her eyes.
I sat in love, by myself in thought.  
In my city, lost and wondering if i'd ever see her again.
Will I ever feel that touch to my shoulder, the smile that erased my feeling of failure for just a little while.
I saw her again, after a lover's spat.  She was alone , awaiting a reprieve she felt.  
No longer was she full of energy, but more like me
Depressed, confused and like me, lost.
in rain storms she was dressed more like a woman who left a fashion ball than living without a home under thundercracks.
We went back to my sorry 1-bedroom, and talked for the first real time about her, she spoke of a failed love back home, and 
she finally took the time to understand me, and I pretended not to understand everything about her that i've built up in my mind.
We were spinning jars on the floor, playing Miles Davis as the rain pellets smacked the window.
We were picnics in the park, I'd stare as the strawberry leaves her lips. Entranced by her eyes.
We were hand in hand watching the tiny finches flapping in the puddles.
Leaving soundwaves of songs in the ripples.
Praying hope into our souls.
We were watching the magnolias flatten by the sun rot, as we sat
on stacks of Alfalfa Hay.
I knew she had to get back home after the many days of finally knowing love.  She still had this Golden ring on her finger that began to shine like dishwater yellow to her.
How did the narcissism of the highway man, the traveling heart breaker not fall in love with the eyes, the smile, the gentle walks, the woman inside that fully understood the man I would become?
How did he get so lucky to have his fairy tale become true?
I hope to one day be back by that seashore and see her walk back
in a Holly Golightly divorcee cackle, and have arms ready for mine.
Even in the fog of her leaving, her eyes
The wailing of spirits from the ocean, her eyes
Sitting atop a reflection of an empty wineglass, and her eyes...
The secrecy of love note trails that lead to the top of her stairs,
while he was away.  
The same trails in which her tears would drop when someone wasn't looking as she took walks by herself, like I.
I await with the wind chimes.
I await in the milk white flowers that rest in the wind.
I await sitting the lonely mask in the corner of her eyes.
I plant her a garden, and believe in tomorrow. 
To share our black and white mirrorball.  I'm just a pebble wanting to be picked up to be swept away.
Forever in her palm, 
and forever her eyes.  

Wolfpack Contributor EIC Bios:  David L O’Nan & HilLesha O’Nan

Poem by DMB (Death Metal Buddha) 'Audrey  Hepburn'

An American icon, 
Setting the standard for Hollywood elegance;
Unique beauty and incredible talent 
Accompany her audiences and costars;
Wound and endowed with the resilient nature
Resplendent genus to cultural activity;
The ultimate girl to role model difference 
Fell in love with the Corps de ballet;
Smuggling secret messages in ballet slippers 
There is more than charity in her name;
A desire to make the world more beautiful
Sweet lil Academy Award winner,
And she did. 

2 poems by Stephane Guenette “Pipes of the Heartbeat” “11:11”


It was so desired
It has become quite clear
Light from Saturn’s rings
Appear around the equator
I am in the light
I am in the music
The light fills my six senses
I see and hear, feel, smell, touch and think
Notes are particles of light
Glory be to lightning intact
Thousands of lightning balls and concerts
I am the concerts of the ball
To be heard and seen from the highest level
Signs and numbers mark the music of the spheres
These are the commandments
To the sense of the sounds in the mind
What course of life
The beauty of it
That the universe might be perfect
The cause and effect of a creation
Comes into existence
The music chasing the sky
Bright with sunlight’s eternal cycle
A part of the celestial symphony
The pipes work the heartbeats


They took the long dark journey
Back into the void
Escaped the Earth’s black world of decay
The poisoned Earth was forgotten
The sons of freedom in their graves
Inside their children’s hearts
Grew the darkness
The start of all man’s wicked ways
They watched the cities rise up around them
Tower high over empires of greed
Killing sprees on distant worlds
A new apocalypse was born
The blackened sun brought an unending night
The end of all man’s hope and light
Once again they would fight for their freedom
As they headed into the Sun
Golden child of fuel and fire
Turn the key and make me run
Nitrous burning in my mind
No escaping what I’ll find
Watch the tears from the garden flow
Poison rivers into flowers they grow
One machine turning everything
‘Til the emptiness unwinds
Now my world is turning
And it seems I’m synchronized…