Part 5: The Poets of 2021 Best Links 41-50

Trauma Letters by Maggs Vibo (c)

41. Coby Daniels:

42. A Review for Dark Confessions


44. A Fevers of the Mind Quick-9 Interview with J.D. Casey IV

45. David L O’Nan: A Divorce in the Gut of the Sun

46. Elizabeth Cusack: A Poetry Showcase

47. Norb Aikin:

48. Peter Hague:

49. Samuel Strathman:

50. J.D. Nelson: A Poetry Showcase

Tanka/Haiku style poetry showcase from Samuel Stathman

brown and black wooden guitar and black leather bag

photo from Unsplash (Europeana)


cartographer’s bone
picked with the equestrian
stampeding ensued
bicoastal defamation
rewrite historical maps


in dull recesses
find the neon imago
mother’s milk to drink
reawaken unified
not god but cultured creature


small wind instruments
tickling the widow’s ear
heady blandishments


sky’s furrowed tendrils
lightening revives the dragon
exhumes vile bones
goliaths of an old tribe
discarded relics


black air raising hairs
prickling the needle neck
red limbless ocean
eels traversing coastlines
Persephone on lookout


rending of the sea
ghosts preying on destruction
aligned with their posts
islanders abandoning ships
swashbuckler’s bad omen


grandiose ghazal
sultry arabian night
fiddler’s heaven
dripping wax overexcites
opium cloud dynasty


meditative snowfall
unconscionable tension
cathartic release
noon hour crowds dissipating
solace behind coloured glass


thrush’s old singsong
head north before nerves kick in

plows in the distance
prizeworthy lineation
stones heaving in the mud


galvanized breezeway
intimate pyrotechnics
bubbles among stars


nightmarish dungeon
somnambulist skeletons
mourn finality
last rites for fallen angels
black flower necropolis


ashram for your thoughts
yellow moths grow from tall grass
mood can be anchor
draw an ocean with a glance
smell the brine off flying fish 


winged ritual
birds scaling belltowers
wind breaking current
gleam of passing vehicles
splitting the time barrier


vermillion sluice
zombie rats lining spillways
deadbolted prey
eyeless momento mori
hail the bony chimera


memorial park
widows placing spring flowers
dewy bloodshot eyes
groundskeeper whistling tunes
keys jangling on their ring

Bio: Samuel Strathman is a poet, author, visual artist, and educator.  He was also the editor-in-chief of Floodlight Editions.  Some of his poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Cobra Milk, I-70 Review, Prole, and other magazines and journals.  His debut poetry collection, "Omnishambles" is forthcoming with Ice Floe Press (2022).

A Fevers of the Mind Quick-9 Interview with Samuel Strathman

Poetry by Samuel Strathman from Fevers of the Mind Anthologies

Poetry by Samuel Strathman from Fevers of the Mind Anthologies


keep the sound out
keep your hands to yourself
let me think on my own

loneliness does not
faze me at all
companionship is the
root of all my problems

wait for me to come to you
or else I will shatter at your feet

Going Backwards

caffeine lacks its usual potency
I am out of my body
a hollow chalky sound
bouncing off a long hallway
stumbling further and further from
where i belong
after you left
I fell into a sinkhole
where i started beating
myself up over losing you

Invisible Violins
for Krystal

 We listen to a song
 from a contemporary composer.

 She closes her eyes
 Fingering every note (in the air)

 I try to imagine
 Krystal's violin
 in her hands,
 but it doesn't come
 into full colour.

 Later, I conjure
 an image of Krystal
 with her fingers
 weaving along my spine -
 across my shoulders,
 forming wings.

 She's following
 a different melody now,
 wings unfurling, statuary.

 We can fly.

Emotional Barriers

Invisible walls got their name
because every time we think
we're breaking ground,
we pratfall
on our flummoxed asses.

Hang out with enough
emotionally unavailable people
and the falls
become abrasive,
impaled by boulders
in a lake
of fatalism.

Blind devotion
means hitting your head
on the way down.


I still eat chocolate bars
and cake.

They fill me
to this day.
Faith catches me
with a left hook
on occasion,
and on those occasions
I'm glad I prebooked
a date with a pine box
Available plots
are becoming fewer
and far between,
land splitting six ways
from Sunday.

Bio from 2020
Samuel Strathman is a poet, author, educator, and the founder/editor-in-chief of Floodlight Editions. 
Some of his poems have appeared or are forthcoming in White Wall Review, Blank Spaces, Dreich Mag, and elsewhere.  His debut chapbook, "In Flocks of Three to Five" was published by Anstruther Press (2020) His second chapbook, "The Incubus" was published by Roaring Junior Press