Short poems from Mykyta Ryzhykh (February 2023)

the sky is playing its own existence
birds believe that they fly and fly
bones creak like violins

people spend the night 
in the tunnels of nuclear winters
hearts become bullets

signs and posters around
and don't know where to go

my love wakes up at night when it's too late

heaven in the sky is empty
the moon is cracked
sunbeams broken
cities destroyed
wars started
dog people
dog dogs
people are bitches and dogs are dogs

and emptiness

Animal bodies. 
Kittens, bunnies, piglets, puppies, ducklings, babies, human babies. 
Well, just grace! 
And still – 
forcemeat in the city market.

I take a deep  
breath of spring air  
after paying for it 
And when I left, 
There were still stars in the sky, 
But there was no more Earth. 
the worm in my body  
I'm not there

Bio: Mykyta Ryzhykh is a poet from Ukraine. The poet’s poems have been published in magazines and on the portals Soloneba, Littsentr, in the Ukrainian Literary Gazette, Bukovynsky Journal, in Stone Poetry Journal (USA), Tipton Poetry Journal (USA), divot poetry journal (USA), Alternate Route (07/2022, USA), dyst journal (USA), Better Than Starbucks Poetry & Fiction Journal (USA), Allegro Poetry Magazine (USA), Littoral Press (UK).