Poem by JDG in Fevers of the Mind Anthology (2019) “Finale”



When a friend vacuums up the pills off the floor
From a death by suicide
While unceasing tears flow
From faces you barely remember
When a stranger who claims she's your mom asks -
If you're okay
And you choke on vomit while you hold a dead man's hand
Don't come in here if you're going to cry, the little boy says.
But there are no words loud enough
to drown out the voice of a 6 year old girl -
asking why her dad is white
when he is supposed to be brown.
He's white because he's dead, honey
My sadness is a lipstick stain -
use the right trick and it'll come right out.
But you'll always see the little mark it left
And maybe wonder how it got there.

Bio from 2019
JDG is a queer, fledgling poet from Canada. She owns and operates 3 Moon Independent publishing. She has been writing poetry for many years and minored in English in university.  You can follow her projects on twitter, insta or facebook by following 3 Moon Independent Publishing @3moonpublishing .  JDG has work that has appeared in publications for Ayaskala and Burning House Press.