Treealabra by Kristin Garth in Fevers of the Mind Issue 1 (2019)


Was it attenuating just to be
a treealabra, whimsically, there
above a horned pale head? Ebony
aphid eyes when he says beware
these woods, decapitated deer who wilt
their budding heads this time of year. He speaks
of trample by flowered herd with gilt
of lips, a lilt of hummingbird. Your cheek
he touches first will sting, a blush of flesh
molested, tingling while he's twinkling, lit
by candled pine - you'll query its express
design. Perfection, maybe counterfeit,
illuminates this tête-à-tête decreed
innocent as seeds - or were you deceived?

Bio from 2019 issue of Fevers of the Mind Poetry & Art Digest:
Treelabra previously published for "Flutter" 
Kristin has many books published including A Victorian Dollhousing Ceremony, Puritan U, an editor on the "You are Not Your Rape Anthology" and editor of Pink Plastic House  
twitter: @lolaandjolie