Poem by Helena Fools : “Trans in Uniform” from Fevers of the Mind Poetry Digest Issue 1 (2019)

Helena Fools
Trans in Uniform

is the way of
nations lately
we can't be bothered
relating to
each other
the world is gone -
it's too busy

will ruin the way
we speak & listen -
long gone are
butterfly wings that flutter
'til the inevitable
Introspective chrysalis
Stationing unsanctioned
cuts into rations
From plantations
& reservations
Found in
Restaurants & churches
Leaving me in a lurch
Constant state of 

'til it's
Normalized &
I'm no longer
Harmonized or
Satisfied by
The way I
Roam into

                      - Can it ever make us mere humans again?

Bio from Amazon of Helena:
Helena Fools is a trans writer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In March, 2017 she published THIS GIRL WALKS INTO A BAR... which is the first installment of her serial erotic novel THE SOMERVILLE DIARIES so named after the main character, Shari Somerville. Second book BAILING & SAILING ALONG THE RAILS dropped in November of same year. She's been working on the third as well as a novel for YA readers called PINK GOES WITH YOU & ME. She writes flash fiction daily by using word prompts for writers, particularly #vss365, #writeLGBTQ, #ConverStory and #SunFun.