A new poetry showcase from Elizabeth Cusack

I'm High

I’m high
I’m getting by
I’m gritting my teeth
And saying goodbye
What the hell is this supposed to be?
The moon barks in my ear
Both day and noon
I’ve adjusted my time
To the night
I was falling down a well
And he would catch me
With a charming message of love
My living muse
What a darling
My dead ones sing the blues.

More or less a dead rose
Did me in yesterday
I’ll never touch it again
The rum is just as bad
Which leaves tequila
Or Old No. 7
Bought for my ex on
The day that he died
There’s a touch of Courvoisier
Campari, Vermouth and Chambord
There is Triple Sec, of course
Prosecco, some white or other
The Blue Curacao is waiting
To ride a wave
As am I, if only you’d stay.
Though I think I’ll make it till Monday
All in all, I’m up on mixology.

Elizabeth Cusack, 10/23/21

I Did Not Tell You

I did not tell you, but
We were sauntering down an alley
When a witch bid her mother adieu;
She nearly grabbed my neck
As I walked by
(We are taboo)
And said words in Italian
I cannot repeat, for
I have no idea what she said,
But it sounded like a curse,
And that I would not repeat.

I don’t know if you caught it,
It happens to me all the time,
Strange women spit at me,
For I am leprosy
For loving you as I do,
Yet they worship Magdalene,
Or pretend they do,
As a lost cause due a rebate,
But Jesus was a rabbi,
Which means he was married
To the Whore of Babylon, too.

22 October 2021, Elizabeth Cusack


I am in the drying sun
A million songs left unsung
I want to dream with you tonight
Catch a plane
You’ll be alright
The city is rife
With petty lies
And silly fears
We drink our glass
We do not ask
There is no compromise
We will not cower
Not for an hour
We’ll kiss, my love,
Then kiss the rest,
And we will not glower
We’ll get off on the juice
We’ll be so high
A third dose will make us
Want to survive
Your cheeks are so kissable
Just like Rimbaud’s
Your eyes are unmissable
Each finger and toe
Like a child’s in my hand
Precious Angel,
When you swung round that door
There was no one but you
They simply do not get
Your veneration of men
Jesus, I’m beginning to see 
What the problem is
They admire only your funeral pyre
They recall the words of the master
But none of your own
The angels are behind the counter
Asking would you like some more
The ghosts are coming back
Now I must try to sleep
I know why they wish to speak
I hear the airplanes taking off
The casinos are full of cash

Waterloo or Rivulets

Waterloo or rivulets
They are all the same
You stumble or you fall
That is their game
Dry land or gutters
The fall is all the same.

Standing in the moonlight
Walking on the plain
Sirens after midnight
The bangs and then the pain
The doors that do not open
The things you can’t explain.

The screaming at the party
And then the doors are played
I love you like the midnight
I love you through the pain
I cannot find my phone
My glass is what remains.

The clothes are strewn all over
My useless pharmacopeia
Is living in the dark
I cannot open a door
I cannot remain
I love you just the same.

Elizabeth Cusack 11/18/21

Please Wake Up

Would you please wake up?
But you require dreams
I lost those on an acid trip
Though it was just a drain
Like sniffing pipes 
And other silly games.

I love you like the morning
When you smile 
And play you’re tame
You love the wildcat
Though she has no name
You break her down 
As she does you
We laugh and start again.

Elizabeth Cusack 11/18/21

The Devils Are All Jealous

The devils are all jealous
And that’s where we begin 
We dance under the starlight
And like Jesuits we bend
Reaching for their iron cross
We kick up our heels and then
We kick the sand and raise the dead 
I give you all the praise
You made the universe talk.

Elizabeth Cusack 11/18/21

Not a Lot of Plush

There’s not a lot of plush on me
So, draw another line
I will paint across your face
Then follow you in time
Lay your cheek upon my thigh
It is no capital crime.

Elizabeth Cusack 11/18/21

The Past

Put the past in the past
It’s just sounds and words
I am old
And I am ugly
And I am absurd
So please just let me go
You don’t need me anymore.

You stop me in the sand
And strip off your pretense
The moon is shining brightly
And we are both so wasted.

For without you
There is no song
No reason to go on
For we are far beyond.

I scream to drown out Elvis
And his little elves
We banish disco and speak our truth
And then we travel on.

Donovan is in our house
With his cosmic crew
I love you more than bracelets
I love you like the moon
Your fragile beauty
Your fragile pain
They cannot stop this cosmic train.

Elizabeth Cusack 11/18/21

I Can Tell

I can tell if you’re Jesus
You can tell if I’m Paul
We’ll take the staircase to heaven
Rung by rung
I have the strength to face
Another day
I’ll reach for a drink
I’m honest
I need it to really think.

I’ll make it
I’m making it
I’m ready
With Jesus I’ll be complete
He wears a serape in winter
Where the cowboys and Indians drink
He wears his heart
And it’s heavy
On his long and welcoming arm.

His hair it will flow
If he lets it
His eyes will tell more than I can
I’ll love him 
And he’ll look that way forever
Just like a man
I feel him here so strongly
He’s lying beside me now.

Elizabeth Cusack 11/18/21

My Telephone

If I could find my telephone
I’d like to drop you a line
I found your wallet in my bag
And that’s enough for me.

It’s soft and leathery
And you entrusted it to me
After eight beers at eleven AM
And that’s enough for me
I call that an act of love.

I’m beginning to believe you now
Let’s strip off all the pain
The moon is crazy bright right now
Gram and Jimi are in our house
And you are in the frame.

Elizabeth Cusack 11/18/21

Donovan and Jesus

I am lying on the floor
And I’m not reaching for my phone
How could I?
I have your wallet
And you
My precious angel
Are sleeping with my phone
Or reaching for the door
Although, I am beginning to believe
I am yours
I was born in desert heat
In October, after all
And you were born in English spring.

Elizabeth Cusack 11/18/21

Lonely Grifter

I’ve always been a lonely grifter
Why should any of your evidence differ?
The populace it always bows down
To its latest circus clown
The inquisition, they’re always in town
With algorithms that never shut down
They deal the cards and laugh
Just like your masters
Behind your backs.

Elizabeth Cusack 11/26/21

Brandy and Cream

And it’s brandy with cream
From tiny cups
Someone brought from Spain
I love you like the moon at night
Let’s begin again.

I will rhyme until
I fall or bang my head
Like a desperado in the rain
But everyone knows
I’m falling from the high seats now.

Elizabeth Cusack 11/18/21

I Can Drink

I can drink blindfolded
After all, I have paid
In blood and tears and orgasms
So please, ask me again.

It’s Four AM 
The tequila’s drunk
The brandy, well, it’s gone
But that’s beside the point
My love is never wrong.

I love your Belgian chocolate
I love your oat latte
I love the diamond in your eye
And forever I will stay.

I love your ginger beer
From Australia, you say
I do not care for tomato ale
No matter what you say.

I do not care for that girl
Who invited you to play
I’ve seen enough, thank you
And I’ll be on my way.

Do not touch my freedom
Do not test my aim
I am for the universe
But I only play my game.

Elizabeth Cusack 11/18/21

Not a Thing

It means not a thing
If I lose you again
I am no plush carpet
And I am wearing thin.

I can call down Jesus
And explain it all to Him
Please do not mistake me
He carried me again.

You are everything
Though the walls are thin
And the bars are closing in
I love you, that is all.

Elizabeth Cusack 11/18/21

Stand Beside You

I want to stand beside you
And praise your god above
But I must pray for Jesus
To deliver us from the mob.

I love you like the heavens
The only love in town
I stand with you forever
On our solid ground.

I will love you till I drown
The room I’m in’s possessed
As are we all
Do you hear the carrion call?

Elizabeth Cusack 11/18/21

Hit My Head

I will not hit my head again
Against your concrete wall
I will not fade to black again
When you can applaud.

And for the tile floor I broke
I’m sorry for it all
I broke my heart, I cannot lie
Teaching it to you all.

My heart is in the stall
I learned that from you all
I am going blind
But Homer was, you all.

So, sleep, my little baby
And when you do arise
I will love you like the heaven
I do not compromise.

Elizabeth Cusack 11/18/21

Poetry Showcase from Elizabeth Cusack

Poetry by Elizabeth Cusack inspired by the Dirty Three

Poem by Elizabeth Cusack for Before I Turn Into Gold Day

Poetry Showcase from Elizabeth Cusack

written for a friend and muse, Cyrinda Foxe (R.I.P.) whom was featured in one of Andy Warhol’s films “Bad”, in Bowie’s video for “Jean Jeanie”, was David Johansen’s girl during the New York Dolls, and Steven Tyler’s bride. She was a blaze of glory.

Cyrinda in the Factory

She never surrendered
To Andy Warhol’s gun
Though she was bad
She never really married 
She only wore blue jeans
And fucked off all the punks
For reasons left unseen
And sent them back
To streets where she belonged.

Here’s to the bright young lads
Who admired her pratfalls
The goddess remains
And to her memory
I raise a glass and song
And may her daughters do the same
When they remembers her at all
She was so bright and fell so far
Like an Edie Sedgwick doll
Though Andy tried to sell her off
She strode across the avalanche
Of cocaine bars and brawls
She knew too much 
To really care at all
For no man nor his lies
She got that from her ma
She understood
The inevitability of it all

Her songs live in the avalanche
They come to haunt us all
For there is nothing but the blues
The invincibility of it all
Her blonde ambition went so far
She lived for music after all
What did her daughters learn
The inevitability of it all
Though now they turn to worship 
Royalties as the dead men call.


I cannot believe
How wasted I am
It’s good even for me
I don’t even enjoy it
Bad wine is a poison
I suggest you refrain
I’m done and it’s Noon
So give me a token
I know all the rhymes
To say I’m broken
And now I am going to bed
I’ll teach the masses to stare
I’ve got a pill box hat
So throw me a dime
I guess I’m no beauty for sleeping
For wearing new silk underwear
There’s always a crypt somewhere leaking
Another girl in despair
There’s always a blow job awaiting
A boy in clean tight underwear
Here’s to the daughters of victims
Of the hate that has no name
They have the power
They grimace
And give birth to love again
Cold comfort is all they are given
So they give their tails a wag.


Give me a man worth
The price of submission
He is worth more than
The price of admission
I will cherish him more
I get off on the juice
I am so high 
A third dose
Makes me want to survive
I drank the poison
Do you think you can
I did not mean to call 
My V-8 was so loud 
Almost two weeks of baking
In the Mexican sun
Hot tubs under stars
And a night on the town
Is all I have to offer
In Joshua town
I’m happy to be anywhere
The nonstop date palms
Love it here
A Margarita under the moon
And a booster shot too
I may live on a plantation
I do not care
A collision of forces
Brought me here
That is why they love me 
It is my hometown
There are no castles burning 
The masters are too slow
I wish we could 
Puncture them a hole.


I remember your bravery
When we began
You lead me out roughly
And held my hand
You never once hurt me
Or damaged my dress
You did not twist my arm
Or call me a mess
Say you won’t leave me
I’ve nothing to do
But tap on my phone
And say I love you
So, throw me a bone
I’ll bury it deep 
Or dig it up slowly
Whenever I drink
I’ll promise to end
All of my fears
I won’t gag your mouth
I’ll swallow your tears
You’ll call me a mouse
It is no surprise
I want to thank you 
For the disguise.


Grow old 
Everything riddles again
Never share your life with a stranger
You won’t like the danger
And this is the best breakfast
I’ve ever had.

I’m alone and 
Life is getting better
There are plums from Rome
Chocolates from the Andes
I’m alone and I’m
Drinking brandy.

A day in this town 
Is a day for the locusts
Someone just posted “Bright Blessings”
Did I forget to focus?

Are we not alone
Did we discover the way
I will doom scroll 
And find that GIF 
Or make them pay.

Is my muse alive on this phone
Is the leopard resting on her thigh
I have no tears left
I’ve forgotten the rest
But I never compromise. 


Pretty wasted
For this hour of the morn
Then I remember the reasons why
Not all of them bad
Not all of them sad
I sound a little country
But I might be jazz
I’ve slowed way down
I soared real high
To the top of the candy mountain
Where I died.

I’m dancing with Hank Williams
On the telephone
We’re baked in the morning
We’re fried at night
Drying out’s for the oven
I’m with Hank all night
She’s just so heavy
On my telephone
From the top to the bottom
I’ll be alone
From the top to the bottom
I’ll die alone.

The Bell Won't Buzz

The bell won’t buzz
The toll won’t chime
The phone will fade to gray
I’ll lose my mind
I’ll dial it down
I will no longer pay
The time will say
Go and find a way
Your muse is talking now
She won’t shut down
And then one day 
She’ll run you out of town
I have my dharma
I have my fate
The play is plotted
And it’s too late
I want to love 
Into the night
I want to kiss 
And never fight
I want to go 
To Dublin now
I want to go 
And wear a crown
And write some songs
And there’s a chance
That London will remain.

Nothing to Declare

I have nothing to declare but my genius
My ink pen exploded midair
I have nothing to disclose
But my heart is a rose
I choose the highway with care

I brought nothing but velvet
And silk underwear
And a few other things I could spare
I bought nothing but prosecco
Espressos and concertos
And that is all I have to declare.

Sad Ballad

Do you remember how you were last night?
You came to the bar and started singing
You dug your claws into my arm
The band began a playing.

Do you remember where we were last night?
Was it a dream, were we alright?
I remember you last night
You entered the room and started weeping.

We drew our baths and started singing
I kissed your lips
You started thinking
You made a joke
I wasn’t thinking
I threw you around
We started weeping.

Do you remember anything we said?
Do you recall my words in your head?
I wanted to dance
I wanted your hand
We ended that night 
Not how it began.

The River is Wide

The river is wide
The ocean is far
Do you know how
Absolutely beautiful you are
No more tests
My heart is a mess
No more looking at the stars
No more wondering where you are
No more me and
No more you
Hello darkness
I love you
No matter what
No matter why
Just ask then look into my eyes
The reflection you see is you
You hold my heart
Inside your hand
I know you understand.

We Are not Six

I need time to decide
If I live or die
I look to discover
The reasons why.

Sources tell me that
Something’s wrong with me.

I’m not easy when I 
Drink my tea
I ask questions
And I look real mean
I get angry if people talk to me
I’m not easy constantly.

I forget to cross both T’s
I walk off sets
And hit the streets
That’s something you should 
Know about me.

I’m sad alone
And I’m sad in town
One day you’ll see me
Breaking down
When it happens
I’ll say it’s me again
One day you’ll see me
Round the bend.

I’m a graveyard girl
And it’s getting late
I fade to black 
Then I eat the cake.

Your Poems

Your poems
Are like monologues
I have an idea that
You are like Shakespeare
Let’s rewrite his lines
Let’s rewrite our fears
Lie in my arms
I will guard your path
And like a good muse
I will let you pass
I know about Jesus
We’ll rewrite the book
His infinite variety
We’ll try not to hook
With fingers and toes
We will stay on the path
To where he arose
And we’ll never look back.

A Thousand Cruelties

A thousand cruelties 
Is what to expect
A slow attrition
A sudden death
I hold on tightly
And take the ride
But a thousand omissions
Lead to one bad night.

They do not forgive
Imperfection somehow
They close you out slowly
They know how
They stand together and say
Get through it somehow
But really it is just
The same old ball
Lonely and empty and
Ready to fall.

I wanted the genius
I got what I deserved
I wanted the bridegroom
I wanted his curse
I gave my brother 
Another reprieve
I found myself
Another place to breathe.

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Poetry by Elizabeth Cusack inspired by the Dirty Three

Poem by Elizabeth Cusack for Before I Turn Into Gold Day

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