Poetry inspired by Sylvia Plath from Eileen Carney Hulme: Things I Share with Sylvia

(c)Kim Cypert

Things I share with Sylvia

Lipstick, of course
cherries in the snow
and other pretty red things
tulips and poppies
though I’ve never written
about either, until now
does this mention count?
A birthday month, October
those Libran scales
that balancing act.
Trees, yes trees
and the sea
and the moon
always room for the moon
but what of hearts
bruised and broken
we know hearts
Sylvia and I.

For more follow Eileen's site http://www.eileencarneyhulme.org.uk/
Twitter: @strokingtheair 
Eileen has Three poetry books published Stroking The Air 2005 (bluechrome) The Space Between Rain 2010 The Stone Messenger 2015 both published by Indigo Dreams.