2 poems from E. Samples : ‘Aftermath’ & ‘Anxiety Diamond’

white smoke in black background

I don't open my mouth but impressions slip out;
A steady snowbound mountain peak parting fog
and tidal reflex milling fragments back to sea
I need silence like sunshine needs the dark
Like lonely orbits need interstellar objects
I'm a black hole's forge craving matter;
Shape-shifting cumulous smoke fading in and out
above a hidden valley

Anxiety Diamond

Is it the restless tap dancing shoe pacing back and forth
over wooden thresholds and down vacant chambers
Is it the thundering distance racing toward the crossroads,
miles between quiet and bright constricting
Is it the steady breath of time
swallowing beats until confronted by a drumhead
Is it the subconscious whispering deep
of some shadow-world's center
Is it under constant duress and flame,
numb as the patient pickaxe chisels,
crawling rock wall and bitter earth
until blinding light scratches nothing

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3 poems from E. Samples in Fevers of the Mind Presents the Poets of 2020

What if Some Day or Night a Demon *

Darkness or truth
Silence of dark
Tall and alone
Grows space
Between stars
Soaks timelines
Fugitive straining to hold
Witnessing a still death
Frozen mid-night
Crystalline adrenaline cloud
Breathing a still life
Slab of floor
Toes cold-shocked
Black lacquered caul
Bare skin
Palpitating blinks
Shadow scent devours
Slippery silhouette
Glitching corridor
Silence. Dark.

*"What, if some day or night a demon were to steal after you into your loneliest loneliness and say to you: 'This life as you now live it and have lived it, you will have to live once more and innumerable times more'..."  - Friedrich Nietzsche , the Gay Science


III. Clocking In

Clickclick Click;
Second hand soldiers
compile unemployed minutes
The solstice wind's evening shift begins
Towers fill with
Punchpunch-ing, Punchpunch-ing
In the catacombs
leaf spotted scrolls stir,
anxious to flare a finger snap

II. Clocked

Rotating seasons remain
on schedule, force-fed
Doomed to forever
in all directions
until the paradox
and nonsense of saying:
it obeys; it counts; it moves;
strikes like flint hitting steel,
cracks open dead brush, ignites,
and once flaming sets
a blaze incalculable

I. Clocking Out

Breathe-take and
spill sacred formality
on the last. clean. day.
Think about building
a black hole planet;
Sphere eating sphere
within a coal dust
stained marble mantle
Step off the curb of Kentucky,
hot iron poker in hand
Land on the bluegrass of a universe
perpetually remade to the tune
reductio ad infinitum and
determined to bend you
until you break

oceanic feeling

we come on, hips synching
palm to palm slapping
skirts skimming thighs;
shoulder to shoulder
bioluminescent wings
ripple celestine dew
we're black onyx vibration
and fiery sirius glittering;
a scorching signal shore to shore
we're unidentified aerial
disco balls waxing,
rainbow waves cresting,
hear us kinetic spinning
roar after roar, come on

we're deep wells rising, spilling
salty selenite froth-faced
embracing foot after foot
tumbling satin and sandy
gypsum, silica stars
mirroring voice after voice,
come on, all dancing all
breathing body over body
arms outstretched, reach out
we're two feet off the ground
hearts thudding, we're the sound
come on, come on
we'll carry
we're the lift up and dive
we burn bright and roll
all flooding all
we're the come on
come on, we're happening

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Wolfpack Contributor Bio: E. Samples

E. Samples

E. Samples is an Applachian cocktail poet; one part West Virginia Mountain Blue ink, two parts Kentucky Bluegrass Black ink, and a generous dash of Tennessee Red-inked Whiskey. She lives in the sweet corn stacks of Southern Indiana. Her writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Still: The Journal, Soliloquies, Abridged, Re-Side, Variant Lit, The Loch Raven Review, Black Bough Poetry, Fevers of the Mind Poets of 2020 Anthology, Crêpe & Penn, The Cabinet of Heed, Lucent Dreaming, Plainsongs, Kissing Dynamite PUNK Anthology, Feral, Capsule Stories, and elsewhere. She’s on twitter @emilysamples