Poetry Online Anthology “The Artist Never Sleeps”

all artwork sent in by Pasithea Chan for these amazing artists.

“i was a thin sea of blue” by Paula Hayes

didn't you know,  love, i was a thin sea of blue
        waiting for you to come along
                       and fill yourself
                               inside my creases
                                      to drink me in between your restless

wade inward
                   i asked you to come closer
                         so i could please you
                                but you ignored my pleas
                                       and left like some tug of gravity
                                                                    was waiting for
                                                                           to carry you

where are the gods, now, to bring the waters back
                up to my lips
                         to give a little salt in return
                                 for all i've lost; is that too much to
                         ask?   just a little salt to take down
                                          even if there is no quenching
                                                               in hapless mornings

there is sky and sea and sun
        all making for soft horizons
              pretending these natural elements
                     are some kind of boundary
                            sealing off what was meant to hurt me
                                            from where i stand now

sucker-punched and drunk in the orange of waves
	light, all light, radiant and forgotten 
while two birds, lovers no less, fly by me
		certain that they are far away 
			from what they once knew
				and even more certain
					they have nowhere left to go 

Bio: Paula Hayes is a poet who lives in Memphis, Tennessee, the same place where rock and roll was birthed and where the ghost of Elvis still hangs around Beale Street. She finds the presence of such a rich musical history in the town she lives in to be right on track with transforming one as a poet into a bard. 

Alice Checks the Queen by Lynn White
in response to Anita Arbidane artwork

‘Your time is up’ said Alice.
She knew it didn’t matter
how big she was
or how small
in the end.
She knew it didn’t matter 
in the end
whether the queen was red or white,
whether time moved backwards or forwards.
In the end
there was still no stopping it, 
still no changing it
however many time-pieces the Queen owned,
however many times she moved the hands
on or back on the clock-face.
It made no difference.
‘You’re just a pawn
on the wheel of time’
said Alice,
‘No wonder you look glum’

Bio: Lynn White lives in north Wales. Her work is influenced by issues of social justice and events, places and people she has known or imagined. She is especially interested in exploring the boundaries of dream, fantasy and reality. She was shortlisted in the Theatre Cloud 'War Poetry for Today' competition and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, Best of the Net and a Rhysling Award. Find Lynn at: https://lynnwhitepoetry.blogspot.com and https://www.facebook.com/Lynn-White-Poetry-1603675983213077/

"October Hardcover" by James Schwartz

Shifting season of melancholy, 

                            Dark bark decay,

Lighting of lamps,

In the v




                         Against frosted fog,

Shorn corn stalks,

                         Lost leaden leaves,

Cafe au lait, 

Notes of nutmeg,

                Window seat, 

Victor Hugo hardcover.

Bio: James Schwartz is a poet, slam performer and author of various collections including "The Literary Party: Growing Up Gay & Amish in America" (available on Kindle 2011), PUnatic (Writing Knights Press, 2019) & Motor City Mix (Alien Buddha Press 2022). on twitter James can be found under @queeraspoetry for a follow.

Art inspired by Clive Gresswell

life’s ballet cycle
causes me to pause
in the twinkling of a romantic pose
inherited by nature’s mystique
the floral fauna and reddening leaves
flutter inside my mind’s eye
caught in the season’s harsh mirror
light infernal, light eternal
rays of the insect fanning down
the earth’s delightful eternal gown.

Bio: Clive Gresswell is a 64-year-old innovative writer and poet who has appeared in many mags from BlazeVOX to Poetry Wars and Tears in the Fence. He is the author of five poetry books the last two being ‘Strings’ and ‘Atoms’ from erbacce-press (see their website for more details).

Cavern by Clive Gresswell (dedicated to Andy Warhol)

original image from Andy Warhol Museum


We're dressed to the nine
inappropriate lives of our sex
dancing to the sounds of T-Rex
and striding out on the dance floor
androgynous models camped up what for
quick as a flash we're out of the door
with our mutual respect for the outcast & poor
while the others wonder what they came her for
we know it's between irony and sarcasm
caught between the encircling chasm
out of our grasp and the ailing spasm
down in the doldrums of the rising cavern.   

A Book Review of “Spaces” by Clive Gresswell reviewed by Spriha Kant 

Poetry Influenced by Bob Dylan & Tom Waits from Clive Gresswell  

Another poem by Clive Gresswell inspired by Leonard Cohen

A Book Review of “Spaces” by Clive Gresswell reviewed by Spriha Kant

The poet “Clive Gresswell” in his poetry book “Spaces” painted all the poetries by the strokes of imagery metaphors, and personifications, influential to move all the readers intensely emotional.

Clive in some of his poetries shone a light on the sides of gloominess, melancholy, petrification, and devastation of globally critical issues, whether it’s about holy wars, nuclear holocaust, the unfortunate deaths of the innocents injured in wars amidst the medical assistance, the impact of the destruction of moral principles and ethics upon children of this generation, and many critical issues, each poetry evincing a different critical issue concerning a global level. A few stanzas quoted from the poetry “Vowels” are:

"lays siege      to wailing     wallflowers and embrocation  
  a dalliance    with   creatures   from    darkened pools
emitting blood     lusts     of   linguistic    deadpan images
throttling gestures rekindling"

"bones declared
whittled down          in passages              a tresspass on this
night-time curfew    its razor blades        screeched against
the vowels                laid before               his lolling tongue."

The poet also shows the occurrences of gloominess, melancholy, petrification, and devastation in the personal life of a person in his 
poetry "Air".

The poet not only limited the poetries concerning global issues but also shone a light on the intrapersonal zone in his poetry "Jealousy".

The poet in the poetry "Blarney" stated about the life of the mine laborers, showing how far his poetries can reach by bringing into the light even those who remain concealed in the dark.

In the poetry "Misplaced", the poet used his words as a cudgel to bring a spark and hope to get liberty into the hearts of those who get oppressed by tyranny by praising the glorious victories of all time of revolutionary movements over tyranny that can be read by the following words:

"final winds                               that document
   golden journeys   from  place    to misplaced"

"the inkling       of another       world unfurled"

"slipped     mask of    redemption   curdles
    into          remarkable    liberty"

"lacerations   pitted
     into           reworked     hemispheres   beyond
   a lucid    phosphorescence    intimidated  into"

The title "Misplaced" apropos to the overthrow of tyranny by constant rallying protests shows the poet's keenness about poetries.

The poet also captured high-resolution beautiful sceneries of nature in some of his poetries including "Dawn", "Sky", "Singing" and a few more, each poem emitting a radiance of different aura.  A few words quoted from his poetry "Sky" are

"classless hostages          to dawn's          reunion
  forest   carpeted             in golden          epithets
  the demanding         needs of              gossip dust
   whose sunshine swirls"

This book is reserved for those brilliant poetic souls whose consciences are wise and run by the poetries like blood in the veins, are nature lovers, and remain aware, concerned, sensible, and sensitive about issues of global-level concern as well as about the intrapersonal feelings of others and the agonies of others.


Clive Gresswell is a 64-year-old innovative writer and poet who has appeared in many mags from BlazeVOX to Poetry Wars and Tears in the Fence. He is the author of five poetry books the last two being ‘Strings’ and ‘Atoms’ from erbacce-press (see their website for more details).

A Fevers of the Mind Quick-9 Interview with Clive Gresswell

Bio on Spriha Kant:

Spriha Kant developed an interest in reading and writing poetries at a very tender age. Her poetry “The Seashell” was first published online in “Imaginary Land Stories” on August 8, 2020, by Sunmeet Singh. She has been a part of Stuart Matthew’s anthologies “Sing, do the birds of Spring” and “A Whisper of Your Love” in the fourth and fifth series of the books from #InstantEternal poetry prompts, She has been featured in the Bob Dylan-inspired anthology “Hard Rain Poetry: Forever Dylan” by the founder/editor of the website “Fevers of the Mind Poetry and Art” David L O’Nan, Her poetries have been published in the anthology “Bare Bones Writing Issue 1” from Fevers of the Mind. Paul Brookes has featured her poetry, “A Monstrous Shadow”, based on a photograph clicked by herself, as the “Seventh Synergy” in “Synergy: Calling All Writers Who are Photographers” on his blog “Wombwell Rainbow”. She has been featured in the “Quick-9 interview” on feversofthemind.com by David L O’Nan. She has reviewed the poetry book “Silence From the Shadows” by Stuart Matthews. Her acrostic poetry “A Rainstorm” has been published in the Poetic Form Challenge on the blog “Wombwell Rainbow” owned by Paul Brookes. She also joined the movement “World Suicide Prevention Day” by contributing her poetry “Giving Up The Smooch” on the blog “Wombwell Rainbow”, an initiative taken by Paul Brookes.

Poetry Influenced by Bob Dylan & Tom Waits from Clive Gresswell


influenced by Tom Waits

In the switchblade of the night
The freezing jewel of barracuda delight
The tempting fate of failing light
The falling rhythm of dismay from this train
Of thought to obey the trunk is hidden in the back of time
The amulet is prised in line
The liberation a dance of swans
Some with beacon some with songs
A marching army of choruses
Bitter winds of self regret
From sands of time the tidal wave
The room of being the bloody knave
The haunting of the bloody cave
From which the nazi hunter gave
The Jew his freedom’s only grave
Atonement splendid in the light of days. 
(c) Geoffrey Wren


a tribute to Bob Dylan

over the land as time will tell
diminishing returns from all that is well
the flashing of lights, the ringing of bells
divisions of labour straight from the heart
the arrow that flies the snake in the grass
retelling stories from bibles and hymns
the mystical beating of mystical wings
sojourns fleetfoot with kith and with kin
feelings fleeing the prisons within
new wealth resisting new beginnings
startling from the heartening of the journeys within
the frozen moon, the idle wind encapsulating
the blissful scenes captured by the seeds of sin
& gathering storm’s senses to lock summer’s spring.



Another poem by Clive Gresswell inspired by Leonard Cohen

another glory poem or untitled by Clive Gresswell

another glory poem 
along the glory road
the golden sun is rising
the golden tongue explodes.

& in your rising daydreams
the dreaming of your past
the golden gate of conscience
where golden memories pass

i see your twinkling presence
in the holy time of spirit
i hear your uplifting songs
in the presence of the minute.

& long may you glimpse over
this bejewelled landscape of green
the highlands & the byways
the golden beauties theme.

A Fevers of the Mind Quick-9 Interview with Clive Gresswell  

More Poetry Inspired by Leonard Cohen from R.G. Evans & Clive Gresswell 

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