2 poems by Chris L. Butler : “A Moonlight Dance with Two Strangers” & “If Offred Isn’t a Fictional Character then Bring Me Fred Waterford”

A Moonlight Dance with Two Strangers

I was an apprentice. & she was 
a corporate damsel in distress
who did not know of the scars 
behind my mask. Nor the struggles 
endured just to hold her for a moment

She was a queen. a goddess, 
filled with magic beyond limits.
Her nectar, sweeter than Nefertiti’s.
Ballad after ballad played 
before we had realized 
we’d been dancing for hours.

She was overjoyed that evening
like a southerner at their first sight of snowfall
& under that wintery moonlight we danced
with the electricity of ecstasy 
vibrating through our bodies.
If only I could live here forever
gyrating under celestial chandeliers
inside this ballroom of bliss

If Offred Isn't a Fictional Character then Bring Me Fred Waterford
for June Osborne

I remember watching The Handmaid’s Tale
an apocalyptic novel now playing out on televisions
a system of crooked men in suits calling all the shots
a society where the people are kept from veritas.

Is it really dystopian? because I don’t see how
that’s not just another speculative storyline
that needs to be reshelved in the nonfiction aisle.

If Offred is real, then bring me Mr. Waterford
& Lord, let me be Muhammad Ali
transform me into a fighter with an iron meat hook
let me devastate his jaw with one bee sting
I wanna cause his teeth to confuse their placements
like a mouthful of jellybeans. For Offred, no June.
& the others these immoral souls have harmed

see bio below:
WolfPack Contributor Bio: Chris L. Butler

WolfPack Contributor Bio: Chris L. Butler

Chris L. Butler

Chris L. Butler (he/him) is an African American and Dutch poet/essayist from Philadelphia, PA living in Canada. His debut micro chapbook, BLERD: ’80s BABY, ’90s KID (Daily Drunk Press) is set to be released in August 2021. He is the Associate Poetry Editor at Bending Genres and a feedback Editor for Versification Zine. You can read his work in Flypaper LitTrampsetPerhappened MagThe Bayou Review, and others.