Re-post Poetry: Holiday Mass by Gerald Jatzek

holiday mass
the accordeon is sweating
tango pearls on the skin
of spanish dancers
lord and lady lizardhead
lipless vile and lidless
under lampoons of lore

raising their hands
in nuremburg fashion
they hail the high priest
his orchards his nails
that pin the star to the jacket
that pin the cross to the word

of course the cross is crimson
in the light of colored bulbs



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Poetry: A Portrait of Ray by Michael Igoe in Avalanches in Poetry: Writings & Art Inspired by Leonard Cohen


Seems like you touched someone,

right near the heart of the Hun.

Those guesses of yours,

as you entertained crowds;

in vogue, lucky, to entertain half price.

You tame them all to start, downtown;

hypnotized crowds, they all wonder

if they’re flesheaters, just like you .

They kept a record: an electric image,

of your smiling shattered teeth

the death’ head tattoo you got

one day before you shipped out.

You never look at it closely,

instead you collect tin foil wrappers

from under chrome bumpers

to stage your lavish midway spectacle.

Next time I saw you, same as before,

You had long since confessed to eating flesh

it was the color of the rouge on faces

of women who claimed to love you.


Your eyes, also red, both of us knowing,

the hand really is quicker than the eye.

We’re so wary of the moves it takes

to heal scar tissue from wounds in the corridor.

And I rifle through the boxes you left

to slip further along the empty aisles.


Michael Igoe is a great poet from Boston.

His website is

You can find him on twitter: @MichaelIgoe5