Poem “A Song For You” by Abdulmueed Balogun in Fevers of the Mind Press Presents the Poets of 2020

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A Song For You

Tonight, wither the leaves of
grief from the thistle of your

loosen the chain of sorrow
fettering your legs from
treading places of desire.

Tonight, shatter the
velvet of forlorn adorning
your body as eldewiss
embellish the face of gardens.

Tonight, embrace the beautiful
you, you've always been spurning
like odious things

Tonight, listen to this balmy song I compose for you,
tonight, let my melody dissolve into a tomb;
your grievances.

Bio from 2020:
Abdulmueed Balogun is a Nigerian poet and an undergraduate in the University of Ibadan. Writing poetry is a dream come true for him, and every day he strives to stretch his poetic wings. Poetry had changed his perspective of life, and to him, poetry profoundly is a blessing.

He was the runner up in the REFORM NAIJA writing contest - "FREEWILL".

His poems have been published/are forthcoming in: Headline Poetry & Press. Neurol Logical Magazine, Global Youth Review, W-Poesis and elsewhere.