New Poetry from A.R. Salandy (3 poems)

A.R. Salandy

Ornate pavilions house
Weary souls who lament
On concrete existence static,

But untenable are norms
Driven by excess and folkways
No longer arcane,

No longer mores upheld in good faith,
For lands immortal can no longer rest
As opaque lines traverse skies gargantuan,

And ever warming still,
For dynamic fads drive static existence
As ironic dichotomies shield

Globalized economies
From recession contrived
Just as existence is demarcated

By rates appraised and reproduced in silence,
Just as subject to free will
And value judgements echoed

In collective sentiment,
As fears of the unknown are effortlessly maintained
And lost to a distinction without difference verifiable.


Prowl on darling matriarch,
As paths narrow
And divergent ways diminish
Just before your scarlet eyes,

Howl on temptress
as clouds dissipate
and night grows weary,
As jarred doors turn you away,

How tables must have turned,
In this the bleak and final end,
Where prance you do
Above physical remains contrived,

Like the falsehoods you weave,
A death shroud, self-fulfilled.


Intolerable aberrations denigrate disciples
That pray by the riverside 
As dark waters wash
Giving earth away,

Where ‘Sordidus!’ is exclaimed upon the lips
Of all intelligible souls amongst 
The desert dwellers,

In search of humility
Amidst generational destruction,
But cool winds whisper wondrous truths

As pale skies darken as magenta dusk arises
To lull forlorn men to moonlit trance
As cosmic luster ignites
Fervent hope,

But wanderers 
Know no cleanliness
In a world derived from bespoke truth

And contaminated by soiled lands
Tarnished by pure deceit,
Like moon-rays crystalline,
Our guiding spirit


Meet the Fevers of the Mind WolfPack: Samantha Terrell & A.R. Salandy

Samantha Terrell

Samantha Terrell, author of Vision, and Other Things We Hide From (Potter’s Grove Press, 2021) is a widely published American poet whose work emphasizes self-awareness as a means to social awareness. Her poetry can be found in many fine publications, and her work has been featured on Sunny G Radio Glasgow, Dublin-based Eat the Storms podcast, and “The Open Collaboration” all-acoustics show (Bristol, U.K.).  She writes from her home in upstate New York, where she lives with her husband and their two sons.

A.R. Salandy

A.R.Salandy is a mixed-race poet & writer whose work tends to focus on social inequality throughout late-modern society. Anthony travels frequently and has spent most of his life in Kuwait jostling between the UK & America. Anthony’s work has been published 150 times. Anthony has 1 published chapbook titled ‘The Great Northern Journey’ 2020(Lazy Adventurer Publishing ) & 1 upcoming Chapbook ‘Vultures’ 2021 (Roaring Junior Press). Twitter/Instagram: @anthony64120  Anthony is the Co-Eic of Fahmidan Journal