New Poetry by A.R. Salandy: Fleeting Thoughts, Coercive Power, Union

Morning, Sunrise, Landscape, Nature

Fleeting Thoughts

Sutured are once cracked lands
combed by ravenous winds
and jagged maneuvers otherworldly,

But silent are nights caliginous
where heavy clouds hang low
and faint shadows rise
from urban oases

lost to fanciful slumber
and consumed by mortal demagogy
that acts to fulfil instantaneous desires,

Much like the scent of lacquered dilapidation
where vilified are substances
manipulated by minds searching
for salvation thunderous and unknown,

But stentorian skies remain,
As notifications fortify momentary dopamine
long after lights have been distorted,

Long after cracked lands rest
filled with lives lost to gods
that never answered,
Much like contrived emotions digitized

and surrendered to communication distorted. 

Coercive Power

Cracked walls let soft light dance
With bruised cores
Where filled are egos haughty

And pampered by extravagance otherworldly,
For fear is constructed through slow fondling
Like lush gardens lovingly tended to,

Really engineered to singular benefit,
Much like subjugation engendered
Yet continuous in deception,

For cracked, many become broken
By socialized dominance,
Contrived and sewn in wombs

Many in number global,
But just as suppressed
By far removed policy

Cherry picked for gazes handsome
And delineated only by stratification self-made
Much like the feminine burden, forced,

But on the horizon a phallus diminished
Can be seen to collapse,
No longer grandiose in energy,

No longer a spear of supremacy constructed


I mind open doors
That slam shut
As haughty candour becomes disorienting

And echoes far and wide
As the vindictive wage new maneuvers
On broken boundaries
And tearful encounters,

Where pleasantries grow forced
And skirmishes turn to all out aggression
As every word rattles a new recognition

Of deceit stony, and powerful
In its demolition of cool headed action
Until all propaganda and gossip sinful

Sees individuals adulterated
By the self-induced massacre
Of kindred warmth
Now bludgeoned by cruelties

That serve to delineate a truer state of union, former. 

A Fevers of the Mind Quick-9 Interview with A.R. Salandy

Wolfpack Contributor Bio: A.R. Salandy

2 new poems by A.R. Salandy : Far Flung Lovers & Tepid Winter

Fire, Flame, Koster, Burning, Coals

Tepid Winter

Winter begins its blazing descent
Under banal clouds
That hiss at slow forming sun

And lament on thawed lands,
Warmed too soon,
And awakened only by severed seasons

Consumed by fossilised expenditure,
Frivolous, and just as stalwart
As the warming storms

That cry gelid clemency,
Not to be heard
By natures stewards, ironic,

But rising dusts reach crescendo
As beauteous skies drown out
Sullen whimpers and bring rimy peace

To mammals thawed, now silent
As winter sun fades. 

Far Flung Lovers

I blow smoke into your face
As your brown eyes undress me
Evermore with each passing second

As if ravishing me once more
As you did
From a hidden corner at the party

Where we grew the courage
To approach each other
Amongst the intoxicated masses

That fill the endless seminars
Where I sit enamored
By the thought of classes

Where we know of each other
But not of one another,
Even though we sit in lecture halls

Merely dreaming of the possibility
That our worlds might collide
Amongst the academic words

That fill our timetables
With the hope our paths
Might just cross

And give randy relief
To the infatuation
Which comes to dominate us-

Deep in the mundane timetables of academia. 

Wolfpack Contributor Bio: A.R. Salandy

Poetry from A.R. Salandy (3 poems) Static, Copycat, & Sordidus

A.R. Salandy

Ornate pavilions house
Weary souls who lament
On concrete existence static,

But untenable are norms
Driven by excess and folkways
No longer arcane,

No longer mores upheld in good faith,
For lands immortal can no longer rest
As opaque lines traverse skies gargantuan,

And ever warming still,
For dynamic fads drive static existence
As ironic dichotomies shield

Globalized economies
From recession contrived
Just as existence is demarcated

By rates appraised and reproduced in silence,
Just as subject to free will
And value judgements echoed

In collective sentiment,
As fears of the unknown are effortlessly maintained
And lost to a distinction without difference verifiable.


Prowl on darling matriarch,
As paths narrow
And divergent ways diminish
Just before your scarlet eyes,

Howl on temptress
as clouds dissipate
and night grows weary,
As jarred doors turn you away,

How tables must have turned,
In this the bleak and final end,
Where prance you do
Above physical remains contrived,

Like the falsehoods you weave,
A death shroud, self-fulfilled.


Intolerable aberrations denigrate disciples
That pray by the riverside 
As dark waters wash
Giving earth away,

Where ‘Sordidus!’ is exclaimed upon the lips
Of all intelligible souls amongst 
The desert dwellers,

In search of humility
Amidst generational destruction,
But cool winds whisper wondrous truths

As pale skies darken as magenta dusk arises
To lull forlorn men to moonlit trance
As cosmic luster ignites
Fervent hope,

But wanderers 
Know no cleanliness
In a world derived from bespoke truth

And contaminated by soiled lands
Tarnished by pure deceit,
Like moon-rays crystalline,
Our guiding spirit


Wolfpack Contributor Bio: A.R. Salandy

Wolfpack Contributor Bio: A.R. Salandy

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A.R. Salandy is a mixed-race poet & writer whose work tends to focus on social inequality throughout late-modern society. Anthony travels frequently and has spent most of his life in Kuwait jostling between the UK & America. Anthony’s work has been published 150 times. Anthony has 1 published chapbook titled ‘The Great Northern Journey’ 2020(Lazy Adventurer Publishing ) & 1 upcoming Chapbook ‘Vultures’ 2021 (Roaring Junior Press). Twitter/Instagram: @anthony64120  Anthony is the Co-Eic of Fahmidan Journal

2 poems from A.R. Salandy in Fevers of the Mind Press Presents the Poets of 2020 : “An Ocean” & “Ephemeral Realities”

An Ocean

Rage through the mighty current
Of the darkened blue of an ocean so vast
Yet just as intriguing for in it swirl
The tides of destruction & reclamation-

So powerful in their innate prowess,
But above these waves
Sit a sky that trembles and howls-

At the sight of the angered ocean-
For it is much like the varied sea-
A tempered power beyond the mortal
Concepts of time and place-

For an ocean rages
As we fight to hold on to all we claim
So viciously from what it always had-

Whether through levee or canal
We try in vain to reclaim all we can
Against the rage of an ocean immortal,

But as it consumes the coastal towns
We fought so hard to preserve-
One can only bear witness to destruction
Which we can only mourn as our own betrayal.

Ephemeral Realities

Some cold days bring a sense of longing
That spills over into empty weeks
That fill the calendar of an isolated life-

So strongly stained
By the self-conscious worries
That derive from years of fighting-

To look all the more like the ideal
Of the society that exists so ephemeral
That its remnants only survive in the void

That is the empty web
That does little to subtract
From the ever growing reality-

That although the notion of living
Is as perpetual as the time
Created by our complicated mind

The slow movement of the clock
That exists to give order
To our mundane lives-

Will stop promptly before we will it.

Wolfpack Contributor Bio: A.R. Salandy

photo by Jesper Brouwers (unsplash)