Prose by HilLesha O’Nan “A Mockery of Mourning”

A Mockery of Mourning

The death of their father left Matt, Dwight, Steve, Sarah, and Lisa a desire for money. They were his children, and they should have been united in their grief, but it was not to be so. Instead, they made a mockery of his passing. Their squabbling and bickering over the estate turned into an ugly battle that tore the family apart.

The siblings were from Alabama, but their father had lived his final years in Illinois. The distance between them made it easy for tensions to flare up. They accused each other of stealing from the estate, and their bitterness spilled over into public view. The townspeople called them no good southern crooks, a term that stung them deeply.

Their father had been a proud man who had once worked hard to provide for his family. He would have been ashamed of the way his children behaved. Instead of coming together to mourn his passing, they fought tooth and nail for every last penny.

In the end, the only thing they had left was their regret. They were left lamenting the fact that they had let their greed and pettiness consume them. They had taken what should have been a time for healing and turned it into a circus.

The only thing that remained from their father's legacy was a box of pictures. They were reminders of the simple life he had led down south, and the values he had instilled in his children. But even that was tainted by their infighting.

As they hollered accusations at each other, the box of pictures sat in the center of the room, a silent witness to their shame. They had lost sight of what was truly important, and they had paid a heavy price for it. 

Bio: HilLesha O’Nan is a blogger, writer, photographer & marketer. She is co-editor/founder of Fevers of the Mind Poetry & Art. She runs the blog for over 15 years

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