A Poetry Showcase from Judge Santiago Burdon

Black Moon Promise

Bathroom confessions
backdoor redemption
Black moon promise
made to a leather winged Angel
Afterglow addict disciple of dawn
woman standing at the edge of love
listening for the silence in between the words
whispered by an ambidextrous tongue.
Loiterer in dim luminescence
under bloodshot skies.
beautiful visions reminding her of horrible things  
knowing the best part of truth are the lies
casualty of kindness twilight apostle
feeling what is not her favorite color
the song of flawed perfection 
its taste bitter on her lips
The melody fading with the last smile of summer

An Addicts Lament

I'll just have to start over 
After ten months of being sober
My weakness proved to be stronger 
than my determination to stay clean
Searched for a valid reason to get high
That didn't sound like an excuse
Resulted in a list of lies 
I used to bribe the truth 
I deserve a  reward 
for all the progress I'd made.
Listen to me trying to justify my actions
for what I had just thrown away 
I'll blame my sponsor say 
it's all his fault 
For being out of town 
When I needed his help most 
he wasn't around 
Temptation befriended me 
encouraging my decision
Where the hell is it now 
That I've become guilt ridden.
What am I thinking 
who's gonna know
That I relapsed and got high
Unless I tell them so.
I can live with the lie  
Big deal it's not the first time
After all I'm just a junkie and addict
Fighting a losing battle
with my habit 

The Hole In My Life

There's a hole in my life 
where all the happiness leaks out 
Doctors tried to fix it with medication                             
Which produced poor results     
So I made a hole in my arm 
to replace what I had lost            
Used all of everything I could find                                    
Nothing succeeded to fill the void.
Next ambition, compassion gratitude and pride                   
also spilled out and exited my life.                                              
A toxic depression filled the  emptiness inside
What remains is a hole I made in my arm                                   
And an addiction I struggle to satisfy                                   
created from a madness            that I prescribed

Temporary Sherry

The diamond in her wedding ring has lost its glimmer
Gone is the sparkle that once danced in her eyes
Left with a basket full of  laundry
Every memory a thief that has robbed her smile
A hostage of irresistible misfortune
She keeps telling herself it's a bad dream 
The sink full of dirty dishes
her laughter trapped in a scream
She stares out the kitchen window
sees a future of muffled thunder in broken skies
Her conversation with silence disrupted
By the sound of the baby's demanding cry

Two Dollar Talisman

I have never professed to know much, although what I do know,
is the distance between want and need is measured in sacrifice, the road that must be traveled to obtain this awareness is plagued with fierce storms, lightning crackles with Catatumbo intensity, rain slowly rusts your ambition, the wind's sharp corners cut through a frail confidence, causing your ego to bleed, your desire starves for just a morsel of encouragement, but your hunger doesn't entitle you to take part in the soul feast, you believe no one's pain is greater than your own, convinced you've paid your dues, now fate owes you, but you've defaulted on the loan, your want is a demand, its sole purpose is to please the image reflected in a selfish mirror,  you're damned to keep counting blessings, coming up short, then feeling cheated, out of what was never yours, yet you ask why your prayers go unanswered, your self-indulgent wishes are ignored, worshiping a two dollar Talisman, purchased at a thrift store, it has exhausted any cosmic goodwill it never had  before, turns out to be just another poor choice, as your last resort, if a line between  right and wrong ever existed, you snorted it long ago, and conscience you considered an encumbrance, was shedd in liabilities shadow.
I've lived a deplorable existence  inside the underbelly of life, my reward for addiction and a twisted mind, been in places where Satan would be afraid to visit, acting on some drug's bad advice, I've learned the more I denied my want, I discovered how little I need, I've heard it rains diamonds on Neptune, there's blue sunsets on Mars, but as I mentioned, I don't know much, I'm just an imitation of me.


By davidlonan1

David writes poetry, short stories, and writings that'll make you think or laugh, provoking you to examine images in your mind. To submit poetry, photography, art, please send to feversofthemind@gmail.com. Twitter: @davidLOnan1 + @feversof Facebook: DavidLONan1

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