A Poetry Showcase for Christian Garduno (September 2022)

Aztec Moon Farmacie

I hear a harmonium in your head
seeping into our Super 16 mm dreams
like, together in isolation or rather
trying to get a message to you
on the other side of Montauk

You were never there
& I was never here
You’re just a baam claat man
I’m gonna go down into the subway
and catch the first train
that crashes into the sun

I’ve been holding my breath for half my life
lurching towards your dark pantomime in the morning
the candle shatters and I know it must be time to go
I can feel the stars start to cross
all the way from the other side of Montauk

You were a house of cards
& I was the gasoline
we’ve got charisma to burn
I’m gonna go down into the subway
and catch the first train
that crashes into the sun

We’re always making other arrangements
when did we get so used to hard times

Variations of Virginia

History is the first version of the future
and wasn’t it Cervantes who said- wait, or was it Burroughs-
either way, the present is quite irrelevant
it’s really winner take all
and yes, this will be on the Final

They don’t know
how fast time goes

Back in my University days
there were quite a lot of Fellows who used to say-
so much can go down between Christmas and New Year’s Day
either way, the presents are irrelevant
when it’s winner take all

They don’t know
how fast time can slow

One can be a crowd when the anonymous becomes Universal
it reminds me of when Tartuffe got lost in the glitch
ah, the atrocities of the flesh
most of the time the present is out of context
and don’t the winner take it all

They just don’t know
how slow time can flow

Fortune Cookies

One cannot sail in
two boats at the same time

Sometimes in life
we must hedge our bets

Bio: Christian Garduno’s work can be read in over 100 literary magazines. He’s the recipient of the 2019 national Willie Morris Award for Southern Poetry, a Finalist in the 2020-2021 Tennessee Williams & New Orleans Writing Contest, and a Finalist in the 2021 Julia Darling Memorial Poetry Prize. He lives and writes along the South Texas coast with his wonderful wife Nahemie and young son Dylan.

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