2 wonderful poems by Jennifer Patino inspired by Plath and Sexton

“Anne, I understand”


It's one of those things. We all go through them.
Our little sufferings. We all have our own
little sufferings.

How many children did you bring? Up-swing.
How was your upbringing? Womanhood
is synonymous with duty.

Oh, I absolutely      wanted you here. You complete
the room. Wear green. Blue. No black. No doom
or gloom. And where's your other better half? Your groom?


They asked me these questions in a different time. They
asked me them on a different day. You changed it all for us.
You showed the suppressed female another way.

You made us see right through them. Their transparency.
You wouldn't let them hide. You ripped rubber gloves off.
Dug right in. Your voice etched onto vinyl records is now therapy.

Thank you. For the attitude. Thank you. For acknowledgment
of every shade of moon and mood. Thank you for peach lipstick,
and jealousy, and pyrotechnic poems, and accusing eyes.


I imagine it was hard at the end. Harder still, in the moments
you were sure it was the end and it wasn't. You kept pounding along
on a typewriter, on a wooden door, dry skin cracking in winter, bloody knuckled.

I can imagine a smoke filled room with you. You are the smoke. You
blend into the wallpaper because our host says it's vintage. You make
jokes and I'm your ventriloquist's dummy speaking in your voice.

I have no choice. You felt that too. You over-explained yourself. The worst
and best and gross and beautiful parts of yourself. Your books line the shelf
in the hospital, where I'm surprised you're not banned. “Anne, I understand.”

Sylvia's Medicine

this medicine // laced with dreams of dying //
elderberry mash // melts quickly on a raspberry
tongue //           sylvia left a message //
she is // the entire town’s favorite reminder //
she is // often stuck in my throat when I ponder
goodness //      swallow medicine // like
pumpkin seeds // teeth breaking on the outer
shell //           sylvia says I need to get out more //
but this medicine // makes greens appear blue //
turns them electric // makes red appear where none
should be //       “sylvia’s bleeding”   // she doesn’t notice
the jagged shell // embedded // in her pomegranate foot
this medicine // wakes me up fifteen minutes before //
the alarm clock curses // makes the sun catcher prisms
dancing on the creamed walls look magnified // magnificent
sylvia never cries // she let me // put this medicine //
on all her beach wounds //        I’m different //
I cry as she hands me // this bag // of this medicine //
she’s different            //         she lets me 

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