Poetry from David L O’Nan : The Fevers of the Mind to Inspire Artwork Series

The Fevers of the Mind to Inspire Artwork Series

Afraid of the eternal silence
The proselytizer ran away from his soul
Naked into the woods
Raw and free
His recruiting no longer a thrill
He's seen the ruin; he's seen the loss of passion in the smiles
He's at loss from another day
A saved one, hung above our gardens
As a stare, tears dried on scared skin
A body, head collapsing clumsily
Lifeless, laying from the limbs of a bruised apple tree
He knew that eternal silence was a very real world.

On the day of the blue mollusk skies
The dandelions flirt with the giant
Blowing kisses that he catches with his paws
He's feeling bashful while stepping over the world with -
his swaying hips
Dancing sunshine into moonlight, from seizure days to stone dead nights.
His dancing body causes leaping eyes for his harlots
His tugging heart brings him to sing
Singing beautifully along with the continuous dance
There are the crickets filling up in his soiled socks.

A storm was dreamt
Balancing the art of destruction with the calm stroke of a swimming of a peaceful cloud.
A storm has evolved
The bones broke apart during the frightening walls of the screaming wind.
A storm is lifting
Over the veil of clouds mimicking our dreaming minds
A storm is no longer cohesive, broken
a victim of a sodomized smile
In the mouth of wind, the city's skyline into submission
You awoke with sudden energy, the nuclear bomb implanted
Now the normal day begins
Brush the teeth, comb the hair, bathe the body
Put on clothes for work, open to the door to birds chirping
The mountain of breasts left by Mother Nature's rage, now an apology
As you climb over the walls of skin tissue to the other side where society rests
Dreams no longer exists, where storms are only evaporation.

I cannot help myself to taste the lake
Raspberry smiles on a face of decay
a Closet mind
Creeping out of a town of clouds
Train whistles blowing through the tracks
Brick walls shimmying through the cracks
The centipede climbs upon my ear
Daring it to tunnel inside of my walls of fear
I will dream in the waves I make from...
that sacred sound of my drying skin, grinding teeth through the burning ground
This bastard life has me seeking those sacred sounds
Of my drying skin, grinding teeth through the burning ground.

There is a factory
Machines, other deities’ control
Molding bones from lost souls
We are possibly cut from the same skin fabric
Wrapped around our skeletons straight from this factory
and distributed around the world as humans
As we learn what we are
The muscles develop like magic
The heart, the brain, the lungs
Are injected into us a seed of ink, or blood to sprout amongst us -
as our energy
Form us into breath
Into pain, into love, into sanity or insanity, into beauty, into dreamers, into light, into shade.

When unknowing, when finally, happy
the lemures tranquilized the night
Melting over you, collapsing

The picture snapped
Caught you screaming yourself into a statuesque state

Another injection ostracized by love
He removes the mask from his face
Now you see every aged line, baggage drools from the mouth
That mummified mouth, nose, eyes, and ears
The beautiful hair now long, stringy, torn and frail
The pasty pale globe of veins connecting one disappointment to

Now he makes the other choice
This one much more permanent
His heart ripped from a once muscular chest
While in his hands he screams WORK!
From the cavity, lay his decay
The ventricles, arteries, veins, and valves
His reflection of dismay burned over the pericardium
He becomes a fading memory in a black and white painting
Frozen forever in his breaking point of lunacy

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By davidlonan1

David writes poetry, short stories, and writings that'll make you think or laugh, provoking you to examine images in your mind. To submit poetry, photography, art, please send to feversofthemind@gmail.com. Twitter: @davidLOnan1 + @feversof Facebook: DavidLONan1

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