Collaboration Poem “Bleeding Summer City Sidewalks” by David L O’Nan & R.D. Johnson

photo by Ahmed

Bleeding Summer City Sidewalks

David (the stresses)

Nibbling hard on frozen lips, little veins with child bearing hips
She was walking into the eyes of the Queen city.
Being judged by the hustlers and the wandering hands.
Her feet can’t shuttle fast behind her buried toes.
Bunched up and forgotten.  Where is the heavenly triumph?
Let me live again.  Shedding fingernails onto the street again.
Shedding heartaches by the fleeting men.
She watches children grow and wonder if they even know.
When will dad be home behind the banging doors, leave us some
Old shit from bargain bins. Can’t sing the gospel . Can’t paint away the sins.
Of the bleeding Cincinnati.  Begin to rewrite scripture in every bead 
of our sweat.

Left behind in Covington is her Lil' sis  
Working a tavern til the morning shift
She has an ex with a heart, and an ex who don't.  One has the check, one has the knife to her throat. Threats, threats, so many threats.
When morning divorce ended with midnight clips. Not for cuts, but a finality.
She closed her eyes and swung for the totality of him falling to the past, fall to the river. He stalked her down and she won. Or she thought. Blue lights boom can they tell the hero from the felon?
 Let her talk, just let her talk. You yell shut up and don't let the lady talk.
She was bleeding for Cincinnati.  And they say they have to wait for some cold hard truth. Like the hours of ignored calls them weren't convincing. 

R.D (the recovery)

Bleeding but not broken
Every bruise shows her journey
The perseverance
The adversity she overcame to arrive here
She wasn’t washed up by the Ohio River from the Kentucky side
She arrived with a purpose 
A sentiment to her past
In how she will not go back to her former life
Onward and upwards 
Cincinnati is the land of hills and valleys
She knows them all too well

She finally was heard 
When she met with the many women of the Midwest
The union instilled a sisterhood amongst them that was an unbreakable bond
The bleeding had to stop
Now, Cincinnati can be strong 
Covington can be strong
Lady Liberty will let them all be strong 


Follow R.D. Johnson on twitter @r_d_Johnson                                                                                     R.D. Johnson is a pushcart nominee, a best of the net nominee for Fevers of the Mind  "(Not Just On) Juneteenth"    Reggie is an author reigning out of Cincinnati, Ohio. At the age of 9, he found a love for writing while on summer vacation. With influences from music, Reggie has created a rhythmic style of writing to tell his personal experiences and beyond.  Reggie has several books available on all major online retailers and his work can be seen in various literary magazines. He currently has two columns, Drunken Karaoke featured on Daily Drunk Magazine & REPLAYS featured on The Poetry Question.  

Current bio for Fevers of the Mind’s David L O’Nan editor/writing contributor to blog.  

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David writes poetry, short stories, and writings that'll make you think or laugh, provoking you to examine images in your mind. To submit poetry, photography, art, please send to Twitter: @davidLOnan1 + @feversof Facebook: DavidLONan1

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