May Poetry Showcase from Vicky Allen

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I miss you.
I miss the shape of you
wide, homely, and then
your soft-edged suffusive warmth.
You have always cocooned me
quieted me
eased me
I miss your voice
the sweetness, low, vibrating
and how you are just
the queen of silence
commanding my faithfulness,
ordering order to disrobe
lay down
I miss your welcome
making pathways, bridges
all a way home.
I am a stranger to myself so often
but you, you welcome
my thrumming dark
and illuminate my heart.


All my life the years have fallen away
the way water surges over the edge of an infinity pool 
without care or regard
Now I cup that water in my hands
hold it close and
when the last breath of the year comes
I watch it ripple across the water
the way a mother watches her newborn sleep 
intent, alert, full of awe, wonder, and weary too
I choose tenderness as I watch
compassion for every mistake, each false step 
and joy blooms and reflects back at me
my hands cup the year
I contemplate the holding
then, scarcely moving at all, I let the year go

Robin Hood's Bay

I remember skipping 
down the stone slipway

(“slipway” - I learned this word later)

Mum, Dad, slower down the slick slope
calling out “take care”

(“take care” - I learned later how to give, 
how to accept, how to value, 
how to be free, not how to take)

the sky a low grey blanket
the stone-strewn sand dull at my sandalled feet

I picked up gleaming slivers of the night sky
clasped them cold, wet in my fist 

“jet” my mum said with a smile

(“jet” - I learned. 
I learned every time a mouth 
utters the words “jet black” 
I would be once again
a small child
skipping down the slipway
being taught wonder
by her smiling mum)


I undo the day
reject twelve kinds of demand
shore up the walls
of my being

I light a candle
become small, bright
in its holding

I open the unturned pages
of a book waiting to be written
and let the unravelled hours
fall to the floor

a shed skin, discarded

Bio: Vicky Allen is the author of Broken Things and other tales (Hedgehog Poetry Press, 2020). She’s been widely published in print and online by journals including Mslexia, Stravaig, Saccharine Poetry, Writers Cafe and others, as well as anthologies published by Proost, Dove Tales, Fevers of the Mind and Black Agnes Press. Her spoken word work Wonderlines was performed at the Edinburgh Book Fringe in 2018 and Fringe at the Yard in 2019. She was a 2020 Pushcart Prize nominee. Vicky has a forthcoming “Stickleback” micro collection being published with Hedgehog Poetry Press, and is currently working on a full collection. She also practices as an illustrator/artist as well as working in the charity sector.

Find Vicky on Twitter and Instagram @bringonthejoy 

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