The Flower Seller at Piccadilly Circus by Doryn Herbst (c/w: War)

The Flower Seller at Piccadilly Circus

The flower seller sits on the steps in front of the statue of Anteros,
hanks of greying hair poke out from under her hat,
her call smothered by the sound of horses, motorcars and omnibus.

A dirty-green shawl, scant protection against the chilly morning air,
even when she sells all the flowers, it is difficult to make ends meet.

Men in uniform walk the streets, cavalry pass along Regent Street.
There are fewer flower sellers around now. Some younger ones
have disappeared onto the land or into the factories
to do their duty for our boys, men and country.

             And out on the Western Front, they scrutinise the space
             between fellow men yet foreign enemies
             Rats, cold, hunger accompany their daily terror of death by sniper.
            A letter back home to a loved one, suspension of reality for a moment
            but vermin and bloody gore never leave them.

In the towns and villages, the women and children wait.

Bio: Doryn Herbst, formerly a scientist in the water industry, Wales, now lives in Germany and is a deputy local councillor. Her writing considers the natural world but also themes which address social issues. She is putting together a pamphlet-sized series about violence in its many facets. Doryn has poetry in Fahmidan Journal, CERASUS Magazine, Sledgehammer Literary Journal and more, plus work forthcoming in Fenland Poetry Journal, Re-side Zine and The Dawntreader. She is a reviewer at Consilience science poetry journal.

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