2 Poems from Robin McNamara : There’s a Morning Waiting & Sunflower Seeds in your Pocket

There’s a Morning Waiting

By the god of daylight a quilted quiver 
Of sin lain beside me in the morning/ 
Worship of all that kneeled before me
In absolved prayer with the priest with 
Two sons; one in religion; one in shame/
A blame of another kind.

Lust has taken those forsaken. 
Earthly body returns to earth in dust. 
The bells— they ring, they ring and angels 
Bring out the remains of your Judas love.
With your rosary beads and divination Unknown you walk the path not shown— 
There’s a morning waiting at the end of 
The road shrouded in Biblical revelation, 
All cock-eyed in the hold of another hand.
Lucifer comes round during Jupiter darkness 
And kisses the ground walked by disrobed
Saints scholars and prophets from Mecca.  
Flight of darkness in dawns early light,
Those chosen depart with the parting 
And all history awaits. 

Sunflower Seeds In Your Pocket

Ukrainian proverb:‘Love thy neighbour, but pull not down thy hedge.’
We sheltered  from the wings of war with their missiles. 

We’re fated to our destiny 
a father leaves to go battle. This is our future history. 
the skies scream down evil 

the last goodbye: it was never our intention  it was never meant to be our final destination. 

In the metro sleep the future generation  

hearing a new reality of warit was never God’s intention 
for them to hear death 
So near so soon. Although 
the world still turned and houses still burned 
we’re fated to waiting for fredsbringer
with sunflower seeds in our pockets. 

Wolfpack Contributor: Robin McNamara

Published poetry by Robin McNamara from “Under A Mind’s Staircase”

A Fevers of the Mind Quick-9 Interview with Robin McNamara

By davidlonan1

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