Poetry by Tiyasha Khanra : Loneliness is Okay and Not

Loneliness is Okay and Not

Mental loneliness is another thing
But physical loneliness is 
Hard to handle because 
It's okay to not have someone 
You can cuddle with and yet
You can give yourself a mental note 
That it's not compulsory in life.
But physical loneliness has 
A very ugly face.
Suppose, you're suffering from
102° F fever and nobody to
Bring you a glass of water, 
It sucks your life.
You can have lunch on a
restaurant alone
And it's not a big fuss 
But you will realize the need
Of someone when you are 
In shop for grocery and 
You see someone else's dear one,
Helping each other in their buying.
We all need space and it's true,
But that space should end somewhere.
Otherwise you'll be lost.
Again, emotional loneliness 
Maintains no certain rules.
For instance, you can feel 
Vacant in your so-called partner's bosom
And content when they are absent.
You can feel lonely when in a crowd
And filled when alone literally.
It can swap with the literal 
Meaning of loneliness.
And it's because loneliness is 
Not the disappearance of people;
It's just a feeling or a vibe.

Bio: Tiyasha Khanra is a poetess and an author, lives in Kolkata, India. She has been published on International Times, Inkpantry, Innsaei Journals, Indian Periodical, Ode to a Poetess, Storrymirror, Spillwords, The Lakeview Journals, Setu Magazine (forthcoming) and elsewhere. She is a bilingual poet and writes in English and Bengali only. She writes on Female issues, teenage psyche, Modern Issues, Urban crisis, Patriarchy and Christianity. 

Wolfpack Contributor: Tiyasha Khanra

Poetry showcase from Tiyasha Khanra

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