3 Poems from Ankita Sharma : “Pious Men” “Lockdown” “MAD”

red and black body of water during night time

photo from unsplash.

Pious Men

They steal, conspire and kill
Climb piles of massacred bodies 
To educate the rest from the top on how
Stealing, conspiring, killing, are such vile sins 
In their manicured hands, spotless clean white shirts, 
With those wide pious grins
Oh! Those Pious men


Struggling to move my tired limbs, 
I swim in a dark molasses beside debris of
Defunct clocks, lost appetites, unused outfits
Rusted accessories, unworn shoes, unread books
Shut shops, empty streets, famished dogs
Blaring TV, tired eyes, lounge-wear piles
Dull movies, unopened newspapers and stale air
“It’s only afternoon yet” A familiar voice murmurs.
Tired mind and heavy heart turn cheerleaders
My limbs still ache


I would tell the therapist how I could only watch my sick mother
Inch towards the Grim Reaper’s land quietly day after day
How her frail limbs stroked me in fits of semi-consciousness
How her chapped lips muttered my name in broken voice
How I stitched my pieces each day to drag myself to college
How I struggled to survive without any appetite every day
Bunking with pals you would stand in corridor near his room 
Munching on wafers while mocking pains you didn’t have
Sneering at my messy hair, dark-circles and swollen eyes 
Yes I know, with which three letter word your grins labeled me 

*In India, it is still very common to label the people who visit therapists/councilors as mentally disturbed or even mad. 

BIO: A writer and an artist, Ankita Sharma resides in India. She has authored five titles. Her poems and stories have been published in various anthologies and lit mags including 3moonmag, BRAG, Versification, Green Ink Poetry, Sunnyg (radio show) and others. Her artworks have appeared on the cover pages of a few Indian and international books.
Her latest book is 'One Day in the life of Javed Khan', published by Ukiyoto Publishing, Canada, was released in November 2021.

Instagram- ankita.s.26
Twitter- AnkitaSharma_26

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