2 poems from Sadie Maskery influenced by Bob Dylan Series

Bob Dylan Hand Drawn Drawing Portrait, Caricature Vector. Illustration vector illustration
From Doddis (c) on Dreamtime

One more cup of coffee

Like dust, smoke, the song of a lark,
the touch of your hand,
that point where gravity defies
a body's desire to float and you are pulled down
to the ocean floor...
That point, high above the horizon,
which determines a landing back on safe green ground  
or eternal flight...
Gravity is so gently made, 
more a plea than command, come back to me, come back -
and here we stand, at that same point 
talking all done and a decision to be made -
do we fall, fly or drift apart? come back to me, 
come back.

mr jones

      it startles me, 
the way our bodies
         know how to     fit      together
when conversation (hi! you look well)
has always been   so  /  awkward  /
i suppose chat 
         (still gigging?)     is irrelevant 
when our lives 
           are forever
                 on different paths
                                just this
one crossroads involving
        legs            and             hair 
(remember when
   you had hair      i met you at
the party you said
                                 do you play guitar?
 have you read Tarantula?)
     now we are both 
a little                ragged and you       recede 
       and  shhhhh    my   memory)  and
    i never knew
        how simple this could 
be         no need for
                       interests in common
                            (i have never read
                                   poetry my god why          
                                       would i ?)
when the 
essential         thing 
                       the weight 
       of             love
           never to be mentioned
weather and
          sadness smells
like dust on a highway 
               (something   ah
something is happening 
here but we don't 
               we can't know 
    what it is)

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