Poetry Showcase for John Zurn

brown wooden panel door beside gray concrete wall

The Carrot and the Pole

The carrot lashed on to the pole
led to a hollow hope.
The ring that pulled against my nose
dragged me through dos and don’ts.
The choking leash chewed up my neck
and held me back from living.
But every night I still come back
to thoughts that need forgiving.


The structure of the pills and rules
can keep emotions balanced.
Like a box of useful tools,
it helps the poet manage.
Sometimes it can crush the soul
because the structure smothers.
Other times it fails to hold 
and only courage matters

Some Call it Depression

Some call it depression 
when life turns dark and dull.
Others claim that effort
can take the pressure off.
Yet those who speak of feelings
mostly live in books.
Their minds believe in speaking
with self-important words.


Walking on egg shells
oaths made of doubt.
Prayers turn to silence
as mood storms dry out.
The soggy air sops up
the left over mind.
The hope of attention
is now lost to time.
Answers keep stalling
so questions drop-off.
This latest rejection
is hard to ignore.
God must exist 
he’s called here before.
But now he’s too busy,
and so never calls.

Bio: John Zurn has been faced with the challenges of bipolar disorder and anxiety disorder for his entire adult life.  Over the years he gradually learned that: medication, physical exercise, meditation and creative writing were vital for his long term recovery. Despite this challenge, he still managed to work as a teacher and counselor for over thirty-five years. Now retired, he has more time to write and publish poems and stories.  As one of seven children, his experiences growing up continue to help inspire his art and influence his life

By davidlonan1

David writes poetry, short stories, and writings that'll make you think or laugh, provoking you to examine images in your mind. To submit poetry, photography, art, please send to feversofthemind@gmail.com. Twitter: @davidLOnan1 + @feversof Facebook: DavidLONan1

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