4 Poems by Thasia Anne Lunger

people walking on sidewalk during night time
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Train Station

From our first cry
on a cold sterile 
delivery room table 
to the last deep inhale
We are all on a long dark train
We stop    get off
stretch our legs
We get back on
hoping for a better destination
We stop to enjoy
a little life here
a lot of life there
always aware that we are still on board
At points in time
the engine is dragging us
up the mountain passes
with those giant driving
wheels slipping and sliding
to stay on track
Other times we train our eyes on the trestle
during the tight and terrifying turns
The locomotive provides motivation
to forward motion
Until that day
when our engine 
puffs and steams us 
toward the big station in the sky

This Place

This new life
opposite from where
I crept out of
and bleakness
I fought and kept pushing
I wouldn’t stop
with wings I flew
My once fragile self
was now made of metal
I learned
I grew
I exchanged
most of the people I knew
With a grateful heart
I still have a chosen few
I am 
in a position now
to teach and train
that you do deserve the best
Do not accept
like the rest
of the crowd
Capture the wind
fly from deaths bite
carve out a great life
like a grin in a great pumpkin
I am here
to say;
My best life yet
is in this place
where I am content and free


Yeah, though I walk through the valley of death
I feel evil trying to cause me fear
Come on Satan; come over here, 
try to get a piece of me
I will not take it
I am not forsaken
Death   is a doorway
Not a tomb
I have been tested
time and again
And been blessed
by the rest of my untold story
To know me
is to know the glory
of truth and goodness
a kindness and blindness to ones faults
Which results in 
having a tigress for a friend
One who helps you through to the end 
of troubles or worries
or sudden proverbial flurries
of life's strife
So, I say to hell with the valley
Death is only halfway up the stairway to heaven

The Fog

The fog, thicker than combed cotton
with the smell of rotten vegetation
galloped in on thundering hooves
across the rooftops of my mind

The darkness seemed deeper blue
and not as quite true as I’d remembered
I wanted to find a way out
of all the doubt and deception
Sleep had a penchant for pulling me under
the word they use is slumber
It was escape from the Alcatraz of my love

I can still see me picking with torn fingers
Was it at the vision that lingers
or the cement of my marriage cell
crumbling as I clawed out of hell

I have been gone longer than I was caged
I am enraged with myself
that he could still enter my sleep
and slam the door on my cage

But comes the morning
with the lightness and brightness of dawn
My mind slowly, sleepily awakens 
and that cage is long gone 

Bio: Thasia Anne is an Erie Pennsylvania poet who has been writing and reading since the 90’s. She has six books of poetry published through Alien Buddha Press, 5 Acre Press, and Guerilla Geneses Press. To date, she has 2 romance titles released. Check Mates and Horse Sense both through Alien Buddha Press.

As well as writing, she also has a TV show that airs on Cable Access Media. The program is called, Poetry, Prose, and Personalities, and her husband Bear is the videographer.

Her poetry production show WOW, which stands for Women of Word with a Few Man Made Words has been WOWing people for eleven years. 

For WOW, Thasia collaborates with a local dance troop, Sovereign Ballet. The dancers, headed by Christina Maria, take the song suggestions from Thasia and create a beautiful moving interpretation that coincides with a poetry theme. 

She may be retired, but she is still extremely active in the poetry community heading up a select group of poets for 100 Thousand Poets for Change. She facilitated a free poetry workshop in Albion and led a group of established poets for the Albion Fair. In the spring she led a group of female poets for an event called Healing Through Art at Artlore Studio, and weeks later read her poems at Artlore about Women’s Suffrage during their mannequin display show.

Together with her beloved husband Bear, Thasia Anne has 15 Grandchildren, and 4 Great Grandchildren.

Thasia Anne can be reached at   tannetaf@gmail.com
Check out her website at    thasiaanne.com
She is on Facebook as Thasia Anne Lunger 
and has a page  Thasia Anne Poetess/Author
Her books are available on Amazon.com

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David writes poetry, short stories, and writings that'll make you think or laugh, provoking you to examine images in your mind. To submit poetry, photography, art, please send to feversofthemind@gmail.com. Twitter: @davidLOnan1 + @feversof Facebook: DavidLONan1

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