3 poems by Jadranka Milenković translated by Petar Penda

Human, Trafficking, Jail, Imprisoned

photo from pixabay


A pen sails down the pain
alarming freedom by which 
the day’s schedule doesn’t rule
nostalgia and a little bit of light
harsh and infatuating passion
for dead-end streets
if I’m a field of love
why do flowers laugh?


He laid an iron bar on my hands
The evil God of Time
I hit weak, crumbled concrete under my feet
Below it is damp soil
I’ll plant a fast-growing tree
I’ll go to see a Sharp-Teeth Giant
The iron bar is with me
Broken teeth grow from the warm soil
New people grow
The Wind’s Queen scatters them to the world’s seven sides
Again spring
So many new stories


In a swayed dingy
Now close then far from the shore
Tossed by trident waves

Salty we swim 

Later on the shore
Among slimy jelly-fish
We curse the horned wind  
It’s coming near

We keep thinking about it

A stranger said that
Luck is confined there
In a damp bag
Tied with a rotten rope. 

Bio: Jadranka Milenković is an acclaimed novelist and a poet, born in 1969 in Pula, Croatia, and now lives in Niš, Serbia. She has published three novels, a collection of poetry, and many short stories in literary journals. Her stories and poetry were published in several Balkan and Russian journals and were awarded prestigious regional prizes.
Jadranka is the founder of the club "Too Strong a Word", which gathers young people interested in literature, philosophy and arts. Her work in the club encourages young people to read, appreciate and write poetry and fiction and have an interdisciplinary approach to literature by emphasising its connection with philosophy and arts in general.  

Wolfpack Contributor: Petar Penda

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