Poetry dump #2 by David L O’Nan

circa 2004/2005

The Medium

It is raining as my window melts
A sunshine escapes its way across the land
A gorgeous sky is now deathly gray
Ill Clouds
Pouring out of it is the anxious tears.
We are cast as eternal
Our souls will dance beyond our head
We will still feel the morning dew
resting on that soul's bed
When you want,
we can also be individuals
We can be the divine wish for all
We can feel forgotten
because our differences allow us to fall.
Down different paths as sinners
Down secret aisles of shame
There will be a dark horse
at the end of the road
With the fatigue written on his face
Soft sailor, you have read yourself
A beautiful life
With bruises, tears and scorn
Hard tissue enveloped your heart
When she sung harmoniously
into each prickly thorn since
the day you were born
The ladies, the thrills, the symphonic chills
You were the chosen mask
You were introduced to God,
handshakes and al
You are the medium
that was placed upon to grant his calls
But when did you become fevered, bitter?
You became your own rapture
You were unstable
You were the enabler
To bring back the love
That he wanted for the brave
You were some ignorant fool
A ravenous ego trip,
you were fed the apple in haste.
You must have traded those blue eyes
for those of a lost unknown soldier
Battling his wars for him.
You were the celebration for him.
You were the homecoming queen
The illogical hero to many.
You were.
Now you've left all the mothers hopeless
Nothing to exchange or return
They can only pray on memories now
They've prayed for your rebirth
But not as the wicked dream
The nightmare of your veins
They want you to see a golden light, white gates
How pearly are they?
Swim like a fish under this world,
swim to the zone.
Constantly falling
Pretend you were the martyr
to all those phenomenal individualistic souls
You were the King thief
Do you remember all those days,
when your past was folding?
Every day you were twisting and closing up
The light was fading in and out
You were being thrown around fang to fang
Every taste, every pore, those lusty minds
They wanted you,
they wanted the sublime
They were the masks,
that you liked to play and hide in
With each walking step of their creepy feet
You screamed to him,
but he never speaks
He just nods to you with a hopeful eye.
You make your own decisions
except when you die.
So, every time you ran away
It was feeling like he was to blame
That was the one you felt was the evil
Now you realize he was just another.
Another one of the people
He has been around
since the first mind was concluded eternal.

Old Lover's Past

Hello my dear
I'm that old fishing pole
That caught the collective pond
my fins quick to mold
It was sweet, scintillating
Old pictures send me swaying
Feeling love
when I look at your beauty
You are teasing me now
Let's look at the horizon
The maddening clouds are dying
And breathing a serpent sun.
Our Three corners we had
Our names still written in chalk
we were in love
The 4th corner is where you told me
We are no more
I love you is all you said
But I have to run away to the sands
You touched my hand one last night
Gloves and mittens keeping snowflakes off our chapped skin.
Dark red inside of clouds of blue
numbness in my head
I'm the old man who worshiped you
Now you are far away
Peeling stickers off the vines
And i'm still drawing your heart
into the sands
Where have you gone my dear?
I followed your tracks
When loneliness became too deafening
My skin forgetting touch
I smile when I remember
your breathing in my kiss
dream of beauty came to pass
I saw you in the cold
on a park bench
tears down your face
you had lost your true love
and now I was back in town
I tried to bring back a memory
of our dancing ,our swaying
I guess my life was just loneliness
and an exaggerated reality
You just stared off into space
as I walk away
staring at my shoes
that resembled our once triumphant dance.

The Reclusive Sore

In life
she was the reclusive sore
her mind ripped and torn
The intelligent woman
who gave birth to sores
Whom created vultures in her womb
From a bar hopper's alcoholic sperm
Once a normal societal beauty
Her bipolar web of sanity
began to shed its 
silk strings in her early twenties
Those days where her soul slowly cried goodbye
And was replaced by the ghost of an old woman
When she was happy,
she was a strut
When depressed
,her walk was scoliosis
The personality of a clock
Ticking, always changing
Yet bland to look at
Lips that were red and moist like blood
Eyes that were trapped by old make-up
and sullen ducts.
Those eyes were lost in the woods
Those eyes were unknown really,
Couldn't comprehend a map of her life.
Those eyes were suicide, hazel and sharp.
And full of scars.
Bloodshot scars.
Pierced our energy, 
all her children
We became buckets of boredom to her
We became only a comfort blanket
when she was cold
Her long hair,
flowed old and like a grave
Dark brown became stone grey
Who really was this mother?
Was she the same woman as a girl?
With the name of all the flowers
on any given day
The semi-popular smart high school girl
The dreams of entering
the Criminal Justice field in college
Or was she just a lost mother,
The special occasion beauty
Mostly concealed in sweater vests,
ponytails, glasses, and early grey hairs
Living in weeks of happiness
months of depression.
The deterioration came fast
in her younger years
Before she could find out who she was.

Eternal Gun

He shoots
he shouts
Draws smiley faces on the God-fearing thieves
Washed away at a spitting pace
The lipstick and mascara on frayed lace.
Magnetic heat
Burns my feet
Madmen marching down my street
They have the glow
The evil wandering eye
The wretched smell
The smile programmed
They laugh as we die
They hoot
Surround themselves in whiskey and cigarette squalor
Brave they chant
"We are brave"
The skin melting in cauldrons of hate
Green fields
Burning my volcanic sores
The stones marked in force
Punk ears wiggle
When liberty bells jingle
When they jangle! The head just pops!
Spin around my world
Spin around
let's dance
Through the blue waters
Our white tanning sands
A quick twirl
Around the rainforest
And the great plains
Uniting the sunshine and the moon together
Embrace the dream
Fight off our rigor mortis
Let's taste the sweet lips and drop
the eternal gun.

Sullen Eyeholes

Haunting voices echo from these sullen eyeholes
The whispers of an enemy's matting calls
All the heroes are nerve gas
Swimming pendulums in a cloud of napalm
Political hunters killing wildlife
in desert towns for game.
Only to enhance their macho persona
To turn on their confused girlfriends
They are sinking faster than quicksand
They are being swallowed
with the beating heart of this whole town
Prestigious cupids they come and go
Forgetting to leave the lonely girl her Romeo
So now all the Juliets
are hiding in their sullen eyeholes
Generosity turning to hostility
Mud wall carvings into the peaceful, loving day
And one knife isn't enough
to cut away sullen hidden pain
The walls have their own veins and muscles
You only have the fainting frightful grinning mind
Letting the greedy get their licks in
each and every time.


When you dreamt away your dying thoughts
We were born again as blisters
Pulling apart like rosebuds in the fields
Beautiful, scattered over our Earth.
Then the dark clouds grew out of a smoky urn
Holding hands, we decided to scream
We licked apart our wounds inside our brains
We dreamt away once again
Became in sync with our creative flame
The dark clouds still following
Hiding in the pouch of an oak tree
we made it to the passion
that was neglected in the past
It was decided we were whirly birds
spinning in the clouds
We stepped on each other's feet,
our eyes are sewn
So we just decided we were one.
And we fell in our flame to burn away
Melting in each other's arms.

The Mind Energy Garden

Dark foggy night
Sort of like Wednesday
at a diner
There's a horrid breath puttering
under the rocks
It's a snake, or it's dynamite,
or it's just the earth snoring
It snores a gargling grass
into its dry stomach
Now it is dawn,
a blade is cutting through my vision
Forlorn visions
And I see him again

The Traumatized Hillbilly

The traumatized hillbilly
body slamming 12 packs
body slamming 12 packs
sitting on to of a Nissan
He burps into the chicken feathers
that swim over the city
(fades to grey)
A parking lot empties
from our imagination
All that is left is 100 cub scouts
without a compass
without a home
A garden spins wildly in and out of our mind
While the sunshine squirts out
its last ray of light for today
it laughs a belch back
into the darkness of the sky
and dies there
For a few more hours
Hours that smelled like armpits.

A David L O’Nan older poetry dump #1

By davidlonan1

David writes poetry, short stories, and writings that'll make you think or laugh, provoking you to examine images in your mind. To submit poetry, photography, art, please send to feversofthemind@gmail.com. Twitter: @davidLOnan1 + @feversof Facebook: DavidLONan1

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