Book Review: Peter Hague “Summer With the Gods”

The latest book from Peter Hague is 73 poems that is an exploration of a poet. As he deals with last efforts in trying to figure out this whole universal perspective. What is the cause of these constant twirls around the sun each day? What makes sense and doesn’t? How does a god or “gods” see and do they judge now or do they let you figure things out? These poems have been worked on for 5 years and it shows Peter (the poet’s progression) in trying to solve his own answers. With a unique pattern of word formations that could only be Peter Hague’s poetry, he is able to keep you guessing on where the poet is heading with finding out his ultimate answer. The book has 5 phases to work through “Visitations, Rumours, Obstacles, Encryptions & Reprisals. Beginning with a wonderful observational poem through a mind searching and determining “A Watcher-god” explores how a god can either be the cause of beauty, yet overlooking to see what everyone does with that beauty, and even yet determines whether you pass a judgment or deemed an invitation. Peter’s language is impeccable and imagery in this journey is like reading a fiction novel at times trying to figure out where this journey is leading to. The moon perhaps? Just as magnetic is the poetry in this book.

Peter is influenced by wonderful writers such as T.S. Eliot, Leonard Cohen, Philip Larkin, Emily Dickinson, Anne Sexton, Sylvia Plath, Robert Lowell, Kathleen Raine among others. You can see layers of these great writers in the crust of Peter’s writings. They laid down the footprints in sands for him to walk in and seep in what is left of their genius he picks up in his journey.

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