Love and Poetry by Pasithea Chan

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Love and Poetry

When trials stifle tomorrow's breaths

choking it with pain's wings; it ruffles

its feathers to push hope down cliffs.

There a soul drowns in its falls-

until she appears, pulling threads-

threaded with tin cans loaded with stones.

She beams like the sun swatting darkness-

and floats like a cloud without a sound.

She picks up souls cast like stones

that've forgotten they're not bones.

She's no angel or devil yet wards-

worry's crows and depression's-

hollows like joy leaping off the gallows.

With a gaze, she silences sorrows.

She is life's forceps turning corpses

into life forces filled with joys.

Her shadow is a long bow that fastens

love in the back of a scream that screens-

guilt from relief flowing in streams-

of cold tears of joy and hot flashes.

She kissed my eyes once, and put ice-

above my eyelids, making my lips-

wonder if there is anything under-

the sun that's hotter or sweeter.

No one knows where she comes or goes.

Because of her, my heart knows whose lips-

I've been dreaming of; because 

they tell me, he loves me as we share homes-

our hearts filled with tomorrow's hopes.

 my fairy and he my muse.

This is my story of love and poetry.

Author's Notes: Imagine if poetry was a woman cherished by her poet. Someone who brightens his/her life as she helps him write their love story. This is my story of love and poetry.

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