A Poetry Showcase by Christian Garduno

yellow and orange sun

Photo by David von Diemar (unsplash)

Mile Marker 203

You can swim out to the Sun
sippin’ on a fireball
you are the anthem of the summer
I have you on repeat until the Fall

Run back through the sands
slippin’ between the moonbeams
you pour gasoline on the bonfire
but the only thing burning is our vanity

There’s a girl waiting for me
at mile marker 203
tonight, I feel like making us a new song
and see if she wants to sing along

Hurl ourselves out towards the stars
slidin’ between Mercury and Mars
come back to a planet that isn’t quite ours
trading our dollars for beers in seaside bars

There’s a girl waiting just for me
down at mile marker 203
tonight, I feel like singing our song
and see if she wants to come along for the dawn

Spare Changes

Getting to the bottom of things at
the tops of the buildings in Berkeley
and today, in many ways
things are underway

Making spare changes on the world
and the skies go blank for your expression
bolder than the sun in mid-summer
but if I leave anything behind
feel free and burn it
and if I cry
please don’t pay me any mind

River Phx

Well, I was on the River Phoenix, headed to my destiny
I was on the River Phoenix, honey, drowning in ecstasy
Well, you know that River Phoenix, gonna be the death of me
come along and see
come along with me
oh ecstasy

Well, I was on the River Phoenix, living with no sympathy
I was on the River Phoenix, honey, living with no sympathy
yeah, you know this River Phoenix gonna be the death of me
shake along with me
but you know it is
gonna be the death of me

Child, you got to weep no more
swim through the door
River is a-ragin’ but the ocean ain’t your fool
Child, you got to weep no more
I said, the river, is a-ragin, but the ocean ain’t your fool
Swim through the door.

Breakfast at Mussolini's

The table is set with precision
coffee cups on saucers and the butter knife by the toast
Benito holds forth on bearded Revolutionaries and zero inflation
gestures wildly about the room
speaking in chants and catch-phrases
his chin juts magnificently into the air

Facts are flexible
Order must be created by muscle
The Caesars have always done it this way
He pounds his chest for maximum emphasis
then he crosses his arms and there’s that silhouette again

Your Excellency believes in brutality
he stresses this point repeatedly
Why disagree when you can destroy?
Examples must be made!!!
Too much freedom demolishes humanity
The crowd loves the jackboot across its neck
It can’t live without it!!!

Il Duce pontificates:
The People live and die for slogans
The State needs more BLOOD
His profile is the greatest exclamation point ever

Flaxen So Fair

They try to make silk like her hair
they try to make the flaxen so fair
eyes so dark, I can never tell when you’re stoned
I just think you kinda always are
with all your savoir-faire
that’s why they say life’s unfair

You’re safe like a silhouette
on an elevator moon
your shadow so polished
you’ve got all the savants at your boot
I find it all a bit pathological
when you yawn like a brute

They try to make flaxen like your hair
they try to make it so fair
and with all your savoir-faire
that’s why they say life is unfair

Bio: Christian Garduno’s work can be read in over 100 literary magazines. He’s the recipient of the 2019 national Willie Morris Award for Southern Poetry, a Finalist in the 2020-2021 Tennessee Williams & New Orleans Writing Contest, and a Finalist in the 2021 Julia Darling Memorial Poetry Prize. He lives and writes along the South Texas coast with his wonderful wife Nahemie and young son Dylan.

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