3 new poems by staci-lee sherwood

Mountains, Meadow, Grass, Sagebrush

photo from pixabay


               The majesty of the mountains have captured my heart   
               While the promise of love keeps me warm in the dark
               The sparkling rivers and canyons so deep
               Keep my happy and peaceful while  I am asleep
               The howl of the coyote and squeak of the squirrel
               Have opened new doors to a whole different world
               Forever lost in the lushness and beauty of nature
               Blossoms new appreciation for every living creature
               Awakened each day by a glorious sunrise
               Its beauty shines through even to jaded eyes
               Brilliant starry nights end each and every day
               Now the journey’s over and rest I may
               Only to rise and feel the coolness of the air
              While the wind wraps around me and runs through my hair
               The adventure will soon end and home I will go
               Bringing with me new questions of all there is to know

                             Yellowstone Wolves

                    The Yellowstone wolf’s future seems  a bit in peril
                    What is it about wolves that makes sane men feral
                    The pups yelp for freedom in their lonely cry
                    Why must such innocence be fated to die
                    Can no one see the senselessness of life wasted
                    Even before truth lets maturity be tasted
                    The wolf is a great treasure of beauty to us all
                    Lest we forget how extinction exacts the fall
                    Must all the wolves die so the ranchers can profit
                    Is no one offended enough to try and stop it
                    Greed and fear strike a deep and embittered blow
                    But those of us with souls are still in the know
                    We must stand together and stop this mad endeavor
                    Because my dear friends Extinction lasts Forever

                                Satan's Queen

                         When darkness falls she seeks an evil thrill
                         What can make even children hide and squeal
                         For she can cast a spell of dark power
                         That makes even strong men weak and cower
                         Her reign of terror has struck so deep
                        One can even sense her as they sleep
                        She must be stopped this Queen from Hell
                        Satan himself will wish he could tell
                        What lurks in the recesses of her mind
                       That makes her so terrible and unkind
                        Her screeching voice and all its thunder
                       Can cast even angels all asunder
                      Imagine a witch full of darkness and hate
                      Her eyes gaze only at Satan’s gate
                      For he is her master now and forever
                      And she a mere slave for all his endeavors


Lifelong preservationist, environmentalist and animal advocate. Published writer, blogger and poet. I write poetry for fun and investigative articles to educate and motivate people into action. My travels and passion to make the world a better place inspires my writing. I’m an avid photographer and hiker who calls the east coast home with my rescue kitties

You can follow or contact me from my blog https://www.realitycheckswithstacilee.com/  or twitter https://twitter.com/RStacilee

By davidlonan1

David writes poetry, short stories, and writings that'll make you think or laugh, provoking you to examine images in your mind. To submit poetry, photography, art, please send to feversofthemind@gmail.com. Twitter: @davidLOnan1 + @feversof Facebook: DavidLONan1


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