2 poems by Samantha Terrell : Embodying Imagery & No Dogs Allowed at the Poker Table Anymore

Giving Your Cards Away | Dogs playing poker, Dog paintings, Dog art

Embodying Imagery

Don Quixote, your imagination is my muse.
I wish to court her,
As you court your Dulcinea,
To draw insight
From the wind
That turns our mental turbines,

Refusing to be intimidated
By arrogant
Giants who would
Readily defeat us,
Or naïve villagers
Who don’t see us

As we truly are.
Your Sancho Panza befriends me – a follower,
Turned leader; Leader, turned follower –
A companion on this
Journey of
Endless endings.

No Dogs Allowed At the Poker Table Anymore

We’re mostly all dogs,
Trying to operate as a pack,
Pissing on things we want to claim, but
Ultimately knowing
The earth was never ours. And,
New science says what we of faith
Already instinctively knew:
There’s so much
We don’t know.
But we have long known some
Ways to operate in this place;
To teach our children not to litter,
Wear a coat when it’s cold,
Turn off the water while
You brush your teeth,
Always tell the truth,
Share the hiking path with others.
But now the hiking paths and parks
Aren’t even ours to share.
The sacred places and spaces
We’ve called home are
Robbed from us by cheaters
At the national poker table.
Casino Pit Bosses are paid off,
And players suspecting foul play,
Reluctant to speak up,
Have rolled over, belly-up dogs.


these poems are from Samantha's series "Unpopular Culture" 

Poetic Trinitas poem (pdf) from Samantha Terrell : Visual Broadcasting

Bio: Samantha Terrell, author of Vision, and Other Things We Hide From (Potter's Grove Press, 2021) is a widely published American poet whose work emphasizes self-awareness as a means to social awareness. Her poetry can be found in many fine publications, and her work has been featured on Sunny G Radio Glasgow, Dublin-based Eat the Storms podcast, and "The Open Collaboration" all-acoustics show (Bristol, U.K.).  She writes from her home in upstate New York, where she lives with her husband and their two sons.


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