new poems by Rosie Johnston

Ocean, Sea, Waves, Dawn, Dusk, Seascape

photo from pixabay

In the cool of this hottest day

Another day closes its
sunset eye.
At least it watched me writing.

How do I write joy? Peg
on pages like washing in the sun. 

Tonight, I will wear party black,
the death of past ordeals. 

Turn over any heart. Count 
nicks, scars. 
Admire the flinty shine. The weight. 

We hew more truth with our pieces than 
ever wreak in breaking.

Blackbird threads notes through this frayed
evening’s quilt,
stitches the day together. 

In the cool of the close of this
hottest day,
I sense my life begin.

On a scale of one to ten

The questionnaire slips to the floor. 
A gust from the window spins it and years ago my son’s boat 
drifts on the town pond more and more out of reach. 
A tear rolls down my cheek. Is this me now,
 where questions pared of all sensitivity 
rate me formally beyond normality 
on a scale of one to ten? 

My inner song replies, ‘Just go, those questions aren’t for you, you’re coming 
through. You’ve had a bad case of bad, bad husband but you’re not sinking. 
Life shines in you, clinks round and light in your fingers, new minted. 
Savour it with fresh-baked rolls floured, mallow-soft, plump. 
Feel it slobber you like a month-old puppy climbing up your 
sleeves to suck your ears. Be bold. Let new days laugh 
away old fears. You’re smiling, look, first time 
in years air rushes into you deep. Don’t 
think, don’t waste this precious, 
brief today, don’t even pray,
just let your hands 
fall open.’ 

Bio: Rosie Johnston’s fourth pamphlet of micro-poems Six-Count Jive (Lapwing Publications, 2019) describes her recovery from CPTSD into a world of natural beauty and happiness. Recent anthologies include Fevers of the Mind 5: Overcome (2021), Her Other Language (Arlen House, 2020), Places of Poetry (OneWorld, 2020) and American Writers Review 2021: Turmoil and Recovery. Rosie lives by the sea in Kent. 

A Fevers of the Mind Quick-9 Interview with Rosie Johnston

3 Poems by Rosie Johnston : “Blood Stains on the Stones” “Other-Mother” & an extract from “Six-Count Jive”

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