3 poems by Z.D. Dicks : Moonshine, Night Life, Nocturnal

Owl, Bird, Animal, Bird Of Prey
photo from pixabay
(Owl watches rain)

Soaked turf was cleaved 
by thick bullet rain
chilled to gutter
drained in clumps  

It slipped from grass
pale roots cleaned 
as tiny corpses 
plump and naked

Burrows bubbled  
as over filled wine 
until tree hands
clutched at ends 

Loosely gripped 
filth as sacrament 
for what had been
as moonshine to day 

Night Life

Panes, filled with webs
Owl hunched forward
watched animate glass
dull paws swiping 

A cat slipped with clatter
through its gate with a gift 
meowed a meal on tiles
nose nubbed forward 

But screamers balked  
prey back to dark, away 
down to blue of bush 
the feline, a fur rainbow 

She stood, calm as a teacher 
preserved care with one look 
and Owl drew meaning
as the cat hunted in grass


Where the sky halted 
Owl remained awake 
on breeze, clouds parted
Owl remained awake
as his feathers ruffled 
Owl remained awake
when his eyes were cold 
Owl remained awake
blood clung to his claws
Owl remained awake
his nest broken dry 
Owl remained awake
as the moon fattened 
Owl remained awake
still and perched
Owl remained awake 
the horizon pierced 
Owl remained awake
light weeping on grass
Owl remained awake
dawn had invaded 
Owl remained awake 
blinks held as game
Owl remained awake 
no reason to hunt 
Owl remained
unable to catch sleep 

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