2 poems by Peter Hague for Before I Turn Into Gold Day

Geoffrey Wren (c)

Stranger Still in Utility Sunlight

to the memory of Leonard Cohen

Leonard, it is time for the Moon. 
I know you are a poor lover of its simple ways 
and think it somehow shallow, 
but I still have a job to do; 
a challenge to bear – and by the way, 
I still think you retired too soon… 

Okay then, Leonard, let us forget the Moon – 
it is time for the Sun. 
I think you entrusted your safety to the Sun 
and that is why you left for Greece. 
In fact, I think you are still there – writing: 
perhaps a third novel called: 
The Book of Longing for Something Else?

The Sun is gracious – it minds its own business. 
It shines our shoes – it keeps its distance. 
It wears no mask or stranger's face.
It is a friend to our eyes in what it does best – 
out there beyond our current position – 
that of basking in the dividend 
of legitimate shade.

This is Silence 
On the death of Leonard Cohen 2016

Thank you for filling the silence 
with a wisdom we could claim. 
Thank you for filling the darkness 
with a holy flame. 

You sat at your usual table;
we gathered your final light – 
as you spread your words like playing cards 
and signed a treaty with the night.

We followed the lines of your poems, 
and your songs, with their luminous thought, 
that now become rumours of our own demise – 
in this field of wounded hearts. 
So until then, and though we have your song, 
we will miss your breath of carefulness 
in a silence that seems wrong.

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