Hiraeth Series Poems by Kushal Poddar 34 & 35

Hiraeth Series 34 & 35


Near the market’s end
one nibsmith toils on a pen
no longer in demand
or in use even by him.

There is no no-longer.

The shops seek an end
to this sickness going around.

As I pass the dim shop I hear
a distinct crack widening
the fractures in the barrel
and the section.

A gush of ink spurts out
from the shop,
and we are all written off
in a fraction of one breath.


A man in white
stuck in rain
orders the same tea
I call for in this
puny shanty,

and here we,
two strangers, sip,
dip some salty cookies
you find exclusively
in these roads
where rain blows both
hot and cold,
and kisses are forbidden
for the couple
sitting in the other bench.

The car designated to him
and ran by a chauffeur
in his company liveries
arrives, and he
walks his limited liability walk
toward nothingness.

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