2 more poems from Hiraeth Series by Kushal Poddar

Poems 24 & 25 from Hiraeth Series by Kushal Poddar


The freight train of the tree leaves
hit the station Autumn.
This afternoon I desire to play daggas.

Between  the beats I lift my eyes 
and see the leaves gather
around over the hair losing yard 
and over the arthritic mower
and covering the pigeons irritated
by the doves sheathed in leaves
and into the space - sacred and worshipped
in my weekend conversation with my father
over the telephone.

I pick up the rhythm so that the vaccum
shrinks to accommodate the fall.

My landlord's ghost eldest son
whistles at his motorbike, and it
shakes off the leaves and the dust and
the leaves and the dust and the death
in this exact order.


Perhaps the boy suddenly remembers
to feed its solitary horse and begins to walk
with the haylage. There is no horse in the town.
I hear his footsteps and the beast's neigh.
Evening wraps up its business.
The pearls of the windows metamorphose 
pain into some magic lanterns of the hope.
The horse's shadow wins the bet of loneliness
wagered between it, the horse and the boy 
I hear the boots and the hooves and measure
yards and time with those and then I forget
the units and the numbers and the truths
of my calculations. Oh, nothing should happen
to the boy or to the horse in the pit of darkness. 

Wolfpack Contributor: Kushal Poddar

Hiraeth Series poems 21-23 from Kushal Poddar 

Hiraeth Series by Kushal Poddar (poems 13-20)*updated 9/13

Poems 8-12 from “Hiraeth Series” by Kushal Poddar

A Poetry Series by Kushal Poddar “Hiraeth Series”

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