3 poems by Mukund Gnanadesikan: Foreword, First Impression, Non Native

silhouette of trees and sea

photo by Casey Horner (unsplash)


Instructive phrases, collected phonemes
coalesce to mean something
Diaphanous utterances suggest transparency

or is it a truth unseen?
But never mistake your divergent glance
for differently configured lines

make beauteous twists at winds behest
dancing like linked fingers under windy starlight.
Colorless or kaleidoscopic, 

even the smoky plumes of
sinister darkness and 
breath-restoring light

need no interpreter.
All views, all voices
uncover and recite

hidden intentions.
Your vision, no more obscure than mine,
should never be mistrusted.

First Impression

We lock eyes, exchange
compulsory pleasantries,
our creased hands probing.

Mouths dare not disclose
fluorescent sentiments,
only a quick pearly glimmer.

What assumptions swirl
amid cranial fog
disguised as intellect?

Do you think you know me?
How simple I must be
and you as well.

Non Native

Verdant rolling fields are overrun
tangled with yellow goldenrod.

White lily,
chocolate columbine,

and jet black dahlia
each compete for precious rain drops,

remnants of fleeting showers.
Roots shove like elbows,

thrust neighbors into peril.
Vernal savior must return.

All are calling.
Whose sharpened ear will listen?

Bio: Mukund Gnanadesikan's poetry and short stories have been published in Ayaskala, The Bangalore Review, Calliope on the Web, The Cape Rock, Cathexis Northwest, Meniscus Literary Journal, Blood and Thunder, Kreaxxxion Review, New Verse News, and Praxis, among others. His first novel, Errors of Omission, is now available for purchase on Amazon and from Adelaide Books. He lives in Napa, CA.
twitter: @mukundgnanades1 
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