Fevers of the Mind Spotlight On: Lera Lynn (Musician, songwriter,singer)

Lera Lynn’s music was introduced to me sort of by accident about 6 or 7 years ago. I lived in Evansville, Indiana. My Wife and I was looking for a concert in Bloomington to go to. At the time I hadn’t really heard of Lera Lynn, on a whim a bought some tickets to see her show. After watching some Youtube videos, listening to some tracks, I became very impressed with her style of music (which is always adapting). She did a remarkable cover of TV On the Radio’d “A Wolf Like Me” which she went on to do with “Shovels and Rope” another recent favorite the last few years. This is a great cover which you can find on the album “Plays Well With Others” also featuring John Paul White, Nicole Atkins, and Andrew Combs (whom I also discovered the concert route when opening for Anderson East)


I believe this concert was in 2015 right before she had became a more known name with her song from HBO’s “True Detective”

She was playing songs from her first LP’s “Have You Met Lera Lynn” (2011) & “The Avenues” (2014)

Country-folk style songs of heartbreak, revenge, and more including standouts such as “Whiskey” “Gasoline” “Bobby Baby” and “I Tried to Leave You” had me purchasing a copy from the merch stand.

Then the Avenues (2014)

The Avenues


Country-noir songs such as “Standing on the Moon” “I’m Your Fool” “Hooked On You” & “Empty Pages” are some of my favorites.

Resistor [LP]

with Resistor (2016) there is a slight change in sound. I really dig the tracks “Drive” “Shape Shifter” “Fade Into the Black” & “Little Ruby” from this album.

Her last album came last year in 2020 with “On My Own” from Ruby Range Records.

On My Own [LP]

I haven’t had the chance to take a deep dive in this album yet, but I’m really curious to see very soon. I can’t wait, since I have read nothing but great reviews for the album.

want to know more about Lera Lynn.



Lera Lynn explores singular vision with new album, ‘On My Own’

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