Fevers of the Mind Spotlight On: Damien Jurado (songwriter, musician)

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First off check out his website: https://damienjurado.com/

Damien Jurado has been an important American Singer-Songwriter since the 1990’s. Ranging from Country-Folk style songs, to pop, to psychedelia-tinged pieces. He was signed on to Sub Pop Records and released his first LP Waters Ave S. (1997)

Damien Jurado - Waters Ave S.jpg

an album which brought some comparisons to Neil Young & Townes Van Zandt in his writing & style.

The first album I purchased of Damien’s was “Rehearsals for Departure” a melancholy album in 1999 with Sub Pop Records

Rehearsals for Departure.jpg

“Ohio” “Tragedy” “Curbside” and “Tornado” are some favorites here.


Possibly my favorite of early Damien Jurado albums was “Ghost of David” (2000-Sub Pop) songs that are self destructive at times, vengeful, and sadness. My favorite styles of song. My favorites include “Desert” “Tonight I Will Retire” “Paxil” “Rosewood Casket” “Ghost in the Snow”

Ghost of David.png

“I Break Chairs”(2002-Sub Pop) produced by David Barzan and includes his backing band Gathered in Song.

I Break Chairs.jpg

Stand-out songs for me include “Lose My Head” “Air Show Disaster” and “Birdcage”

“Where Shall You Take Me” (2003 – Secretly Canadian) begins his adventures with this wonderful music label.

Where Shall You Take Me.jpg

Favorites include “Abilene” “Omaha” “Texas to Ohio” “Tether” “Window” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-6gTufsq7Y

“On My Way to Absence” (2005-Secretly Canadian)

On My Way to Absence.jpg

great songs here include “Fuel” “Lion Tamer” “I Am the Mountain” “Lottery”

“And Now That I’m In Your Shadow” (2006-Secretly Canadian)

And Now That I'm in Your Shadow rgb.jpg

one of my favorites including a classic Jurado track “Hoquaim” also enjoy quite a bit “Denton, TX” “I Am Still Here” “Gasoline Drinks” “There Goes Your Man” very eerie.

“Caught in the Trees” (2008-Secretly Canadian) is what I call a sort of secret classic that everyone should go listen to. When everyone was listening to Punk Pop, Rap, Interpol rip-offs, and Lady GaGa came this quiet classic.


Classic songs here: “Caskets” “Paper Kite” (brilliantly written), “Sheets” (infidelity track), “Sorry is for You”

Saint Bartlett (2010-Secretly Canadian) a follow up on writing from Caught in the Trees with more great songs such as “Cloudy Shoes” “Arkansas” “Pear” “Wallingford” “Beacon Hill”


Maraqopa (2012-Secretly Canadian) experimental time with Damien with help from the brilliant musician Richard Swift (r.i.p.) producing this and the next couple albums of his.


Although there are differences in sound, it becomes brilliant and distinctively Damien’s voice. The title track “Maraqopa” “Life Away from the Garden” are to listen to immediately here.

“Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son” (Secretly Canadian -2014) is full on experimental Damien Jurado.

Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son.jpg

“Silver Timothy” “Silver Malcolm” ” Silver Joy” “Jericho Road”

“Visions of Us in the Land” (Secretly Canadian -2016)

Visions of Us on the Land

My favorite experimental psychedelia style album by Damien Jurado, and check out that album artwork. Wildness.

Great classics “Qachina” “Taqoma” “OnAlaska” “Walrus” “A.M. AM” and “Kola” dig them listen to them, meditate to them….yeah

“The Horizon Just Laughed” (2018 – Secretly Canadian) a critically acclaimed album which I will admit I should listen to more.

Songs I enjoy “Allocate” “Percy Faith” “Cindy Lee”

“What’s New, Tomboy” ( Mama Bird-2020)

includes one of my favorite songs by Damien. A tribute track to Richard Swift “Ochoa”

other songs to check out “Alice Hyatt” “When You Were Few” “Francine”

What's New, Tomboy?

“The Monster Who Hate Pennsylvania” (Maraqopa Records -2021) is the latest album. And is easily one of the best albums of this year.

The Monster Who Hated Pennsylvania

I love the song “Helena” “Tom” “Minnesota” “Hiding Ghosts”

Also check out these crazy songs from an EP from Damien titled “Four Songs” in 2008. https://amzn.to/2WlEux5

Four Songs [Vinyl]

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