The Fevers of the Mind Wolf Spotlight On: Ada Limón (poet, author)


Ada Limón is a very well known poet, often looked to as an influence, a friend and a poetry teacher to many of our interview subjects on this website.

Ada has several poety collections that you should seek out and read.

“Bright Dead Things” from Milkweed Editions (September 2015) has poems that deal with the sadness of now, the inevitable passing we all face, the journeys in between and how this shapes our identities as humans.

Bright Dead Things

Bright Dead Things breeds a particular mixture of wildness. The mixture is by turns melodious and tight. Limón’s poems are like fires: charring the page, but leaving a smoke that remains past the close of the book.”The Millions

Finalist for the National Book Award and National Book Critics Circle Award
A Best Poetry Book of 2015: New York Times and Buzzfeed

“The Carrying” from Milkweed Editions is a collection of poems about bravery. A woman who is struggling with new truths and dealings that life throws at you. Losing parents, infertility, aging, vulnerability, grief, overcoming. Winner of the 2018 National Book Critics Circle Award

“Limón has a novelistic knack for scene, and the narrative lyrics in this remarkable collection, her fifth, could stand as compressed stories about anxiety and the body.”―New York Times

“Sharks in the Rivers” (Milkweed Editions 2010) is an older collection from Ada. It explores her childhood in California, moves to New York, feeling dislocated & loss.

“Lucky Wreck:Poems” (Autumn House Press, new edition 2021)

is a series of poems that focus on re-directions we have to face as humans in this world. That everything is fluid and how quickly life can change when you least expect it. Where is the hope in tragedy?

“This Big Fake World” (Pearl Editions 2005) by Ada was the winner of the 2005 Pearl Prize Award. “This Big Fake World is a sophisticated exploration of manners, marriage, and the fragile bonds that desire both creates and destroys…the lives and language of this book are radiant emblems of a truly discerning mind and heart.” —Tom Sleigh

Other links for Ada Limón include:

Now taken pre-orders on “Latitude” by Natasha Rao with an introduction from Ada Limón.

Chosen as the winner of the 2021APR/Honickman First Book Prize.

through American Poetry Review (September 7, 2021)

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