A Fevers of the Mind Quick-9 Interview with Rose Knapp

with Rose Knapp:

Q1: When did you start writing and first influences?

Rose: I started writing in my mid twenties. I devoured all kinds of poetry at first.

Q2: Who are your biggest influences today?

Rose: I would say the Dadaists and Futurists are a large influence. I’m a trans woman, and other trans poets like Jennifer Espinoza and torrin greathouse have been influential for me.

Q3: Any pivotal moment when you knew you wanted to be a writer/artist?

Rose: I had a period where I was realizing that poetry and music were what I wanted to pursue.

Q4: Who has helped you most with writing?

Rose: I’m often a loner and I’m self taught, but I find reading others’ work and worldview helps me the most.

Q5: Where did you grow up and how did that influence your writing & have any travels away from home influence your work?

Rose: I grew up in Minneapolis, and have lived in New York City and Los Angeles. I think place inevitably influences your writing, although I lean towards more abstract poetry where place isn’t as apparent.

Q6: What do you consider your most meaningful work that you’ve done creatively so far?

Rose: I feel very accomplished about my most recent collection, Tantric Tanankh.

Tantric Tanankh by Rose Knapp

Q7: Favorite activities to relax?

Rose: Listening to a variety of music, usually electronic music. Going for walks.

Q8: What is a favorite line/stanza from a poem of yours or others?


Rush of emotions I’ve lost touch with or
Never experienced before curvy physique

Perky breasts smooth skin that feels so
Right, I Am becoming my own Goddess

Q9: Any recent or forthcoming projects that you’d like to promote?


‘HRT’, ‘Incinerate’, ‘Cafe Acid’, ‘Climbing Climate’ and ‘Neutrino Quarks’ by Rose Knapp

5 short poems by Rose Knapp : Immortality,George Floyd, Prayer, Jaguar Dreaming,Empress of the Night

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