Micro Poems & a few longer ones by David L O’Nan

Angelic Protectors

Awake after nightmares
Of dragons
Lost job offer arguments
A quiet time
once you hear his truck
Leave to his affairs,
to his home cooking
Chocolate cake desserts
when we eat mini ravioli
And generic macaroni & cheese
Stale snack cakes too
Somehow, we find the energy
To wrestle in swing sets,
bleeding out skinned knees
In the trees
We see faces
Imagine them as our angelic protectors


With thought to thought
Kindling closer to the shadow weaver
We meshed in shadows for a moment
We touched hands and glow for a moment
Yes, a dark glow
But a glow anyways
That is all it was
And that is all it needs to be
So, now I’m skin and you’re salt
So, now I’m burning
and you’re oil
In broken words
from another day
We were one
For the moment


You were born on a trip,
maybe a tunnel.
You were fished out of the lake
and they told you that you are beautiful.
So, they held you up towards the sunlight
to see your perfections,
only now they saw the little rippled rips
of your soul drips.
And now you are just a disease.
A mass will feed off the sadness
of a blind man's blues song
depicting you as a raging river cancer.

The Impossible

Love is the Impossible
You just allow me to be slime
Step Over Me
Never Looking Back
Maybe you’ll see the reflection
But Ignore it
The possibility is never engaged
Winter Hands you have
Shaking, cold, always a muted void
love is the impossible
Warmth is not programmed in your heart
I’m dreaming as a kid watching clouds mate
They are so loving
Such a hug
Articulating the sunlight
Love is the Impossible?

The Shouts of Wind

Hands on mouth
Shout little wind…shout!
Can we follow the ghetto light?
Can we trade our beauty for love?
So, he’s a star you shine for…not much of a star
Just ego
With diluted smiles, crooked words
Untamed lips
Why can’t stars realize they are just light
They are not special…only light
With eyes on eyes
Evaporate little scarecrow tears,
Stagnant bored tear,
Can we linger dead when life’s poisons is in our
So, this is what it is
Alone…crippling tree and all?


they melt on bones
Before the cutting shapes & moulding
My dreams were built on adversity
overcoming the reality
Battling the ego brains
Who wants to dapper in the cavities
Since juvenile years
I’ve always thought of myself as
The swimming fish that scurry
from the sharks, lil’ one
Tap on the narcissism drum
Play with my brittle heart
like legos
Shadows are cloned in my peaceful soul.

From Sunset to Mercy

By yes, I meant supremacy
Voided into the waves of my mind
There is a sunset,
but I’m a novice to love
I’ve tried before,
back when I thought all was normal
Looked at love
Spun in circles
and dreamt into a psychedelic phase
It hung in the air,
remaining neutral
Once clutching to pull,
and it could go either way
By no, I meant lonely
Something catchy
bit me in the heart
Wanted me to hear it,
But then I wanted to evolve into space
Becoming stars
and a fortnight’s moon break
Sent to organize the ego of implicit rage
That music box
was broken before it had ever been played
Jolly laughter was croaking by the seaside
Wanting sand to become one with the sun
But the sun,
had its own brand of mercy
When it shimmered then singed,
melting back into my brain.

Rainbows in Smoke

With gas masks laying in the clipped beach
Thrills of misery worth the laying of face-downs
Fishing in the swamp
Hands over the masked faces
Crying over monster shadows
Ears that hear echoed folly
The words that are lost in vapor trails
Following sanity back to its old well
I have feet that jump over every obstacle
While laughing,
I pray that the joker is mine
All the smiles, all the fun,
all is captured
In clutching hands,
I run
I tap the roof of heaven as I jump over the trees
My code word is victory,
As I light the rainbow with ease
Starting as a small spark,
works to a flame
Minutes into the inferno,
the next second the world ablaze
The friends know this laughter,
they know I must soar
They know that fantasy is only that
of Mother Nature’s bore
Wicked diamonds shine over our death
Encasing the energy that pulsates
through the chest
Lectures from sad eyes leading to silent howls
Lonely wolves, proud moments now
walking with canes
She still looks pretty after each mile
I have escaped
Even when grey,
she still has those deadpan movie star eyes
Soar higher,
jump with your steel legs
Once they were noodles,
now they will not break
This time break apart the clouds
Allow it to rain
We need to heal,
keeping the sunshine sealed.

This is My Life for You

I was kidnapped before birth 
To the cult of love
The glory of the wren’s flight 
To the wind
I watch from the magic of eyes above 
Relax in my golden stare.
And I lay dead brushing strokes through your hair 
Childlike in my confusion.

In days where my temper is a fever 
The irate bird,
The imperfect weaver
Stole the stripes from the zebra
You can’t read me with all these lines 
I blur, mutate, static
Even stagnate in and out of bravery.

I can be irritating and uncomfortable 
Unshakable and self-destructible
Even when my heartbeats sing your name 
I am sometimes lost,
Most of the time really

I feel heaven in my veins 
But, in my brain I feel silly
Until moments I can’t breathe in prayer.

I wish on stars,
Lived inside the moon I lit candles,
Burned incense for you 
Years ago, in cosmos
I sent energy for you universally
But dare I say I put myself in a slight hex.

Outside of you,
I just continually pile up in a million car wrecks 
I have lost people,
All of the time
Even familial times have gone by
A lost tunnel of my father, sisters, and brothers.

And looking up to me
I see all the women in the curses of the past
In moments they tricked me like a sassy demon 
Yet, I feel like i’m the one that failed
Will they just wash away with the fires in them? 
I love you more than the melting of the blue skies

My mind absorbs in all the good from you
I can only hope to share with you my eternal touch. 
Even when most of what is left of me
Doesn’t matter much. 
This, this, this, this! 
This is my life,
For you

Winter Wheels Roll Backwards

Winter wheels do roll backwards
In the ice wagons plucking against the cobblestones 
Christmas was eagerly awaited
Behind us
‘Twas like a sneak Twisted in leaves
Watching the sun become white 
Crusting over with frost
Bells of the season began the ringing 
We let our eyes be the season
We buried Autumn’s fears in the snow 
Began to dream the familiar holiday dream 
Sipped warm cider as thieves walk by
Waiting for the comfort to solidify this mortal coil 
A real fantasy
The season can unite 
Ugliness with the dynamic
The love of a mother with the spite of a father. 
This season of Silver Bells
The businesses provide the therapeutic facade
For a few weeks we can pretend to be comfortable again 
The hype
The green money spent
This season of crowded sidewalks 
Shopping bags
The weight of wanted love and acceptance
The awakening of high school janitor Santa Clauses 
Temp Agency Reindeer,
The Church parades,
The lights of the city are intoxicating
Beaming on the baby Jesus in the Nativity scene 
The music tickles on our nerves
And we begin to dance without cares
The snow was meant for us to dance through. 
Never intended for the endless busy cars
The bossy shopgoers bumping into our Anxiety disorders. 
No mix of the mud and oil in the purity of snow.
White, so pure
And for a few minutes
I began to believe in Heaven again.


You said “Marry Me”
In your diamond ring dreams
Polishing dollar signs with mop water
Watch me turn from genius to mummy
And watch me take down all comers
Playing tennis with the gold diggers
Once they find you’re fraudulent
Their brain will be exposed to be the same


Evict us from the pain of heart
Still lays a convict of soul
Behind frostbite upon the jugular
Are tracks to discovery, a unity
We are 2 dead pigeons cradling
Wings clipped
A fellowship in our prison
Hurdle and fledge, flight vacated
Amity until no more.


An ardent man
Severed through the sprouts 
claiming the land of melancholy
As his passion property
Burned to the core, a perishing
Through the tufts,
And digesting away the organic masses
Enter the sky,
Pin away at the clouds

To puncture,
Releasing the waters
Drown the greed
Into stark-raving drudgery.


Another heartbeat bandit 
Dripping in the filth of lies
Love doesn’t sprout in the grip of the flowers
There are no truths in a blind man’s masquerade
You can’t put a bow of bandages over the scars
And call everything alright
When you can smell the spoiling
Save your sobbing for the jailor’s sleeve.


Looking sharp
Not a Rat
Staring into the sun
Blind paper crown rejections
As the giants smash through the flowers
Without a care
A liar’s bravado
See yourself in that mirror
Roll those damn dice
No power
You are a cigarette butt
In a tiny suit
Hypocrites that drink sewage as truth.


A two-faced Ophidian 
Swirls in for an attack
To grab the soul
To sip at the poison
That blisters in the afterglow
Leading a manifestation
Of dancing spirits
Piercing in our throats
Now let the moonlight
Evaporate all the decay
Take in a deep breath of redemption stars.


The wedding
Then the honeymoon
Oh, that is just a nosebleed
The civic robots peer wonderstruck
To drink in the gossip
Enrich their swaying minds
Oh, how pleasant they can be
When your bliss has been shattered to smithereens
And your punk is with some new tarts 
down by the alligator stream

You’re stuck with a denial smile
In a copacetic hotel, 
that is welcoming a burglary


Spun around the world
In one dramatic pantomime
At our core was love
My outer shell split by the wicked
Watch the guiding light dim
As the monsters begin to gather
To tear apart my beauty
As love is now just a feast for the drama, the nihilism pours over
We ruin, alas

Wolfpack Contributor EIC Bios:  David L O’Nan & HilLesha O’Nan

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By davidlonan1

David writes poetry, short stories, and writings that'll make you think or laugh, provoking you to examine images in your mind. To submit poetry, photography, art, please send to feversofthemind@gmail.com. Twitter: @davidLOnan1 + @feversof Facebook: DavidLONan1

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