Several Poems from David L O’Nan from Infinity to Elvis Presley Boyfriends and many poems/stories in between


Removed from the fabric,
torn into pieces
Displaced unconsciousness,
and an old smile still shatters a heart
when your mind is poisoned,
when you're cradled up and your flesh is all you feel.
A smile still shatters the heart
You become one in your mind
There are rules to this life
You will be undone by yourself
if you linger on a smile that shatters the heart.
Other plans are in the works
A family awaits
A heart is bandaged up
and repaired and tuned to a loving beat.
Many smiles that have nurtured a heart into love,
into grace, into belief in life
and a dream that there is more to give
to feel like you've never felt before
A resurgence in your inner glow
a return to the depths of energy you shall inherit
In peace we can be
In peace we can be
In peace we can love and be

The Bullets Flirting With the Sky

We can’t escape the bullets
So, we just scatter
Into the dark
Forgetting the chase
We want to be learned
We want to be known
By our hearts,
by our souls
If I climb up these stars
And pull each one down
Will it mean a thing?
Or, crumble with the seeds
across the burning dirt
Are you a clown?
Or an armoured knight?
Wearing a mask
Painted up for the party
Sticking to the air is your aura glow
It just stagnates over your last step
Will it follow you home?
will it be a lonely candle
over some damp windowsill?
He looks down
Applauds my obedience
Say’s I’m scared
He can really tell
So, I will be shy
I will search for gold in the ditches of my soul
And hope that everything
will shine in the end


I was once destroyed outside the mind
I have climbed back in to relight the enigma
I stood still with my hands against the clouds
I pulled the pricks off the sunshine,
and let the solar energy burn into my fingertips
I am the lost soul walking across the heavens
Bare to all,
A crawling infant inside the shell of all that is mortal,
Created, or otherwise
I’m imperfect until all eyes have been shut
A dream that has yet been immortalized
by creation, in realism
A man who never knew his own name,
as in his reason for being
As in his goal which has made into a task,
made by another task, made by a promise
Made for a purpose,
that was never translated in ideal format.
A broken sound
Punctured sonar
Now does he have everything?
That perfection?
That surrounding clouds of truth and answers?
Every step, every movement
Muscle, skeletal,
thought, energy have a blemished scrape
across his aura
A meaning is only a meaning
when a search begins,
Ends with a soul wanting to know
more truths than answers
Questions will be the enveloping claw
that massages our minds into immortality.


I’ve got a cramp
Lucid dreaming as a ghost for the first time
No longer, wanderer, or moldy faced drifters
We lifted our veil revealing for the first time -
As the shakened devil doll that eluded crimson,
Milked the brain of the universe.
Joining the slime from all the blisters
Going go-go illicit into tragedy
Built from sunlight and soft skin
Sin broken out of thought
Displayed for the shadows to celebrate
A repugnant escapade
We, unity over sadness
Us, glory over hatred
Universal, instinct over criminal
Played the soul dwelling game in the belly of the Earth
Ignition of hunger instincts
We stick together in a saran wrap wind gust.
We trade eyes,
Souls stick as well
Our loving hearts with other ideas began to poke holes
To find a way out
Afraid of the smothering
So yeah, I still have that cramping.


Feeling dumb as nails
Hot as sunshine stuck to my tongue
Dried up like raisins
A crippled scarecrow
My seized mind growls
As lightbulbs pop all around
The constant howl of pickup trucks
In the night
To pick up women,
who shouldn’t be so trusting
Dinner on the table
Michelob and bread
I’ve got a burned-up atrium
Defecating death smells
In the closet
The Mannequin wife blinks
She’s doing double duty
As plastic
As pink
In the road,
the wonder boy crows
He has the secrets to a good arsenic soak.

A Crowd Looks On

A crowd looks on
As the sun gropes the moon
And the stars oil themselves together
A crowd looks on

A crowd looks on
A hill collapses over electrical wires
A tear trembles down the face of an oversexed mayor
A whole trailer park is in flames
A Pentecostal family plays checkers by a pond of ducks
A crowd looks on

A crowd looks on
A 15 year old girl gives birth to new life
In the woods with an old sailor’s hat as her pillow
A crowd looks on

A crowd looks on
As the cops erupt in anger
And another life is taken away
A whole family vanishes
A crowd looks on

Fishing with the Beatniks

We walked down the dusty path
Where all the windshields were covered in soot
We had hair that hadn’t been cut in seasons
We felt wacky and sniffed glue by the pond.
By the burgundy garbage can we listened to the crickets
Our friends were trees that smelled wet and wretched.
We looked into each other’s eyes and our legs bent and melted.
Sunshine on our arms, felt whimsical 
While our idiotic brains ran behind the clouds like a goof.

We were nothing but children again
Running into the pond with clothes falling off
With the catfish and amoeba dreaming of our flesh
Our untied shoes sat on the rocks while we ran careless
Slipping on the blood of our cuts, 
Not even paying attention to the electrical flashes from the clouding sky.

We got too busy playing like devils
To fish with all the beatniks snapping by the campfires.
Too busy as frogs, circling the lily pads
Marijuana smoke and the skunks marinate

And the peace and thundering storm become one.
We fell asleep looking up at debris flying together,
The dirt raked down into our eyes and mouth
We drank up the mud, and went home fishless.

Crippled Clown

I am the crippled clown
I can’t entertain the children
I have been juggling arrows and knives for far too long
I have forgot what is right, what is wrong
Maybe i’m stuck in the permanence of a mistake
I feel a trap on my tightened stems
Someone catch me as I fall now
I promise I can be good
I’m really just misunderstood
I never meant to be society’s harm and shame.
The face of wrinkled makeup decay
The door has been slammed shut on the joy, the trippy music
Now i’m sunk
Within the Earth, 
I am crawling in my own flesh
Every bone is breaking
In my hands, i’m splitting
Battling every illness inside and outside
I tried very hard to bring laughter to all of you from afar
The laughs in gray now from the juggling days
Can you handle me falling?
To see the shape i’m in
Try to understand.
That really, i’m not in too much pain

I was the heir to the problem.
I am to be swept away like the confetti.
In the thin air i’ll be with the birds
Flying free, the air is the sound
The only sound I need for the moment
I’m dreaming as I fall, 
I dream of the Ocean’s scars
Will I be able to stitch the waters back together?
I’m deeply calm, 
I’m not shook nor full of brawn
The sweet breath of the Stratosphere
And dear, I leave you with the light
I crawled so far into the needles and the fires
The hills became too steep to climb
So, let me get far into this blank dark abyss
Let me pronounce my dying days to the whole world
The one who laughed at my mental juggling.

Elvis Presley Boyfriends

No tears left
for those who walk crooked
Tripping over sidewalks
leaning on walls at the bus stop
Tippie and Gaba watched him,
laughed at him, wanted him
They each had 
those swollen stoned girly eyes
Those girls munched
on banana bread as
the ice cracked in the Earth
under their feet
They dreamt of him
swollen stoned girly eyes
Those girls munched
on banana bread as
the ice cracked in the Earth
under their feet
They dreamt of him
They dreamt up pictures
of Elvis Presley boyfriends
that were linked to the mob
Suddenly the air is awake,
it yawns its last yawn for the night
it’s ready for a new day,
to crash, to burn and spawn
There's a man with Cauliflower ears
drawing on sidewalks with chalk
pictures of children
with black eyes enjoying
an unknown sunshine
He wiggles in twitches
in a paranoid haze
Does a few somersaults
across a whole town of weed infested
hoping to catch the glances of Marilyn
Does she catch him?
Only he will know
Will her blowing dress
become tattooed to a cloud?
He is ready to fight the pink night
Challenges the town
to a drinking game
blowing bubbles of champagne
inside a sewer drain
The night wins by default
Soon light appears,
day was clear
And he wondered
if he had been the crust
in the sky’s cloudy eyelids
In the shadows
he saw glistening greasy sideburns
Rock-a-hula to the new day
The ladies attached to him
as he was swaying in jumpsuits
in the pan alley
still smells like a sewer
He thought he found
two Marilyn Monroes
derived out of the remnants
of a dumpster wig
They were only the drunkard Jills
that fell down the hill
into the grip of a delusional persona
It was not a jealous Wednesday
it was a Frisky Friday
and they all rejoiced
into a broken mirror,
in peace they realized they were all one
in the same
A crowd of laughter erupted
inside a sealed envelope
Broken open only by a jackhammer
A walk upon seashells,
he will catch
the burning of the former world
from a distance.

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